We have become increasingly conscious in recent months of the total lack of true prophetic understanding of the covenant nations and their destiny, by the Church. As a result there is little background knowledge of the Bible among our company of nations and its message of national redemption for new readers to get to grips with the first principles of our teaching.

Most seriously, new research from the British Social Attitudes survey finds that a majority of people now describe themselves as having no religion. Even more significant is that only 3 per cent of those aged 18-24 describe themselves as Anglican, with 71 per cent of that age group saying they have no religion.

The growing siege of civilization and the destabilization of society require that we address this situation in terms of building the faith of those with whom we come into contact, as to the basic facts of our teaching. In Matthew 25 all the virgins are found to be asleep with the arrival of the Midnight Hour. What follows is a cry of alarm and a desperate search for the oil of understanding and knowledge. This is where our publications and their teaching are becoming uniquely relevant for those searching for answers amid the escalating crisis.