We learn from one of the parables in the Gospel of St Matthew that the “field” is the world, and what a wicked field the world has become. The powers of evil are relentless in their attack on Christ and His true Church and on the Israel nations of the West.

It is now almost 7 years since the people of Great Britain were “blessed”? by the visit of the then Pope (Benedict 16th) on 16th September 2010, who proceeded to officiate at organised Masses in Birmingham and elsewhere. This Pope mysteriously resigned in 2013, something never before done on a voluntary basis. At a time when our Queen is continually implored to abdicate, the writer found this a rather remarkable happening. He was replaced by an Argentinian cardinal of Italian descent who then proceeded to call himself Francis, after Francis Xavier, the founder of the Jesuits. Both himself and Benedict 16th, who was, in his youth connected with the Nazis are avid supporters of the European Union, which started out as a Nazi project known in German as the “Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft”. This plan was prepared by the Reich’s Economics Minister and President of the Central Bank, Herr Funk and various industrialists and economists. About the position of religion as a whole, Hitler’s secretary Martin Bormann said in 1941,”National Socialism and Christianity are irreconcilable”. This is interesting as Hitler was assiduously supported by the then Pope, Pius 12th. By the use of syllogism, can we deduce that the Roman Catholic Church is therefore, not Christian? Please also note that the full title of the Nazi Party, first called the German Workers Party, was the National Socialist Party. The BBC is filled full of Roman Catholics and socialists and this explains their antipathy to Brexit.

The current destabilization of the United Kingdom is music to the ears of our one-world enemies, who wish to recreate their (un) Holy Roman Empire, or as the Pope calls it “our common European home”. They are overjoyed at the distress of Theresa May who they see as floundering. Mrs May has not helped her cause by declaring that she has apologised for all of the mistakes (sic) in our past. This does not bode well for her personally, irrespective of God’s desire that we should secede from the evil 4th Reich according to His timescale. Whilst I cannot see any immediate change in the leadership of the U.K., partly because no-one appears to want the job, I am at the same time reminded that because of his sin, Moses was not allowed to enter the Promised Land (Canaan). If we are to see her replaced at some point in the future, it will have to be by an older, wiser and dare I say a more worldly person, in the same way that Winston Churchill replaced Neville Chamberlain in the Spring of 1940; immediately after which the miracle of Dunkirk occurred.

On a separate topic, our title “Wicked Field” could be abbreviated to Wi-FI, for this phenomenon is indeed a satanic development designed ultimately to harm all life forms on every level. There is nothing good that can be said about it. And it is in the Anglo-Saxon lands that this vile pollution is being spread most with ever greater intensity. This microwave technology was first developed to be a weapon of war. It is anti-life, a subtle attack on the Temples of the Holy Spirit, which we are. A cursory examination of the health patterns in our so-called civilized world reveals an ever growing complexity and multiplicity of mental, physical and spiritual disorders. The often vain attempts to cope with these abnormalities is diverting our attention away from a proper worship and regard for Almighty God and His Kingdom and His Laws. The Almighty states clearly in Scripture I am the God that healeth thee”. But we must do our part.

Clear thinking is an absolute essential in the chaotic times that we live in. We must avoid at all costs the irrationality of the world around us. Pollutions of any environment are exceedingly harmful to us, whether they be of the physical, mental, moral or spiritual spheres of activity. We have educated ourselves, apparently, In the sense that we all agree that cigarette smoking is harmful, but we still accept and invite others such as wi-fl, recreational drugs, fluoridated water, genetically modified “food” and addictive video-games. Our Lord Jesus Christ states that we must not be slaves to earthly desires of any kind, for that way lies madness and death. The Adamic race was created to be the vanguard of a new way of life, but became subject to deceit and error. We need to be renewed by the living Spirit of the Lord Jesus, who was incarnated in order to be the Saviour of the World and the Redeemer of Israel.

Jesus Christ loved us beyond our knowing and is ready to receive us with open arms, if only we would submit to the Will of Almighty God. Thy Will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven says the Holy Book. It matters not how we behaved in the past, but only how we respond now to the entreaties of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The direction of travel is paramount. Witness St Paul, who in his life previous to his encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus, was as evil as any man could be, but nevertheless the Lord chose him for a mighty work.

And so, we look to the promise of His Coming, when all shall be restored, including our Israel nations. Until that time, be unmoved by the fearful events of this world, and stand firm for the Faith.

Author’s Note: I think The Occult Origins of the European Union” by Toyne Newton is essential reading; it is an absolutely wonderful exposition of how the pagan world was the source for this project: internet information on the dangers of wi-fl. But avoid sites sponsored by the providers of wl-fl; who make billions of dollars from this radiation and who try to assure us that it is safe. These are my thoughts.