What’s that old expression, “There’s a new star on the horizon!” Well, bucking the trend of the past few years when we have seen magazine after magazine folding, is the internet presentation, “The National Covenant Message” a product of BIWF, Victoria Australia. Its Executive Editor is a 15 year-old young man named Perry Thorp and I expect those of us in Israel associations around the world will hear a great deal about and from Perry in the coming years. For now, we will just wish him great success as he establishes himself as a servant of the Lord. At this stage, we don’t know the name of his mentor, but perhaps Perry will provide this when he writes again.

The first issue highlights an article by Perry entitled, “God’s Truth Is Under Attack!” Here is what Perry wrote, “This year on October 31 is the 500th anniversary since Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses to the door of Wittenburg Castle, this significant event sparked what is called the Protestant Reformation and it led many to leave the Roman Catholic Church. As we Protestants interpret the Bible, we believe it is without error and that many of the prophecies were fulfilled in the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples, this teaching was coined as the Historicist Interpretation.

In the mid 1500’s, as a counter-attack, the Roman Catholic Church created multiple deceptive theological beliefs called Futurism, Preterism and Amillienialism. Futurism created by the Jesuit Ribera recognizes Daniel’s 70 Weeks prophecy as referring to the Antichrist – therefore declaring Jesus as the Antichrist. What apostasy! As the many years has gone by, this Futurist belief has infiltrated and poisoned Protestant Churches worldwide. These churches have forgotten their foundational beliefs and have turned to apostasy – therefore accepting the error of the Antichrist (Papacy), therefore fulfilling biblical prophecy! God’s inspired Word is under attack from new interpolated translations. [This is] A sign of the promised and soon Return of Jesus Christ to take up the Throne of David.

For months now, the main news television channels have focused on Russia and their involvement in the 2016 presidential election. President Trump has been the object of the barrage, although as at the time of this writing, former President Obama and some of his top people have been identified as people who knew first of the Russian attempts, but remained quiet as they felt confident Hilary Clinton would easily win the presidency. Then, for the past couple of years, Syria has been the focus and again, Russia is in the middle, with military aid to the Syrian Government and vocal threats to the Trump Administration, who have already intervened and threaten much more involvement. Before Syria, we witnessed the Ukrainian intervention by Russia. At the same time, allies of Russia, two being North Korea and China, are making warlike statements and Iran, on whom President Obama placed such hope, is acting like America is a puny enemy, powerless to intervene in all the hot spots around the globe.

They should not underestimate Trump. He has a warlike inner cabinet and can be pushed only so far. Interestingly, some may say it is Trump and his people who are doing the pushing. Nevertheless, as the noted Bible scholar and historian, A.J. Ferris, remarked over sixty years ago, “the majority of people now realize that the third world war is inevitable and not far away, and that the conflict will be between Russia [and allies] on the one hand, and Britain and America [& other Israel nations] on the other”. Mr. Ferris added, “Where can we turn for guidance, comfort and hope in the face of what will be the darkest hour for the English-speaking world?” He answered his own question by writing, “Surely, if anywhere, to the Bible. There is more space devoted in the Bible to prophecies concerning this event, commonly called Armageddon, than to any other.”

Mr Ferris then referred us to Ezekiel 38 & 39, forecast about 2,600 years ago. Mr. Ferris added, “Ezekiel foretold that in the last days there would take place the greatest military conflict in world history to decide once and for all the possessor of world dominion. Russia is fore­named as the aggressor, and there can be no doubt as to the nations who fulfil the description of the attacked. [That] when the Anglo-American people would be almost completely overcome, Almighty God would intervene by supernaturally destroying the Russian armies.”

Will Trump and Russia’s leader “Putin” bring about Ezekiel’s prophecies? Certainly, there is much to consider in these troublesome days.

After reading a line in Alan Edwards’ July article that referred to “Islam = false prophet, Zionism = dragon and Romanism = beast” and Bob Vermaat’s article of the same month pointing out that along with Satan; the beast and the false prophet will be cast into the Lake of Fire. The reader queried, “What happens to Zionism?”

Interesting question, countered Bob Vermaat. He said, we must remember that Zionism is rooted in Jewry. If it is considered a religion, it will find its demise with the False Prophet in the Lake of Fire. If, on the other hand, Zionism is a political philosophy that is only founded and grounded in Jewry, then its demise will be when Great Babylon falls. This second scenario is my opinion. Past studies and articles have suggested that Zionism is made up primarily of descendants of Esau-Edom and we should should remember that according to the Book of Obadiah Edom will be completely eradicated when our Lord returns.

2017 has been a year of uncertainty, the year’s events have added great fear amongst the populace of the world, as they see such things as refugee problems, financial excesses coming home to roost and the fear of war on the very near horizon. Certainly, by the time this year ends, it seems that some or all these ills, interconnected as they are, are going to impact all the Israel nations some way or another. Could a financial collapse bring about war; will the instability caused by the refugee invasion of Israel nations create even greater terrorist attacks.

But, could 2017 mean something positive as well for True Israel. After all, it is 100 years from the liberation of Jerusalem, the number 100 stands for God’s election of grace. It is 80 years from 1937 when the horrors of war were beginning to have a devastating effect on mankind, that’s two 40-year test periods. Have we learned anything and are our trials coming to an end in 2917. It’s 60 years from 1957 since the European Common Market was formed, 60 standing for pride. Britain now exiting after some 40 years is a positive sign, or at least should be, for most true Israelites. Earlier, burgeoning scholar Perry Thorp, pointed out that 2017 is 500 years from the date Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door on the Wittenberg church. And 2017 is also 20 years from 1997 when Israel Britain gave up the last major gate of her enemy, Hong Kong., 20 standing for redemption.

Now the readers are likely familiar with all these time frames but here is one most haven’t. According to evangelist Ed Vallowe, 70 stands for “Israel and her Restoration” and Bullinger adds that it is 7 x 10 and signifies perfect spiritual order. So, 70 years ago on October 5th, 1947, A.J. Ferris tells us “That the public revival of the Comintern, the international organization whose aim is World Communism, was announced by Russia with the establishment of a “Cominform” or propaganda center at Belgrade, to unite all the Slav Balkan States into a second U.S.S.R., and eventually to take in the rest of the Continent. At the same time, a Cominform was set up at Vladivostok to Communize the Far East and all Asia. The combine of “Gog and Magog,” as outlined in Ezekiel 38 was taking shape before our eyes. The comment in the Observer, London, of December 7th, 1947, summarized the situation, ‘……. Russia’s aim clearly is the domination of all Europe, and, as a simultaneous political offensive in the Far East shows, of all Asia. It is obvious that a world-maneuver on this scale carries with it the definite danger of world war’”.

Jackie Edwards had a very interesting article in the recent issue of “The South West Beacon” out of England. She wrote, “I think we can safely say that the Lord God is aware of all who are risen up to be rulers over His people and certainly uses some for His purposes. But that doesn’t always mean they are good rulers as we well know from reading our Bibles. The same can apply to those not of His people – the Lord uses those too, and especially when it comes to punishing His own people, as well as freeing us at the designated time.

It is worth though considering that President Trump was elected as President of the United States of America on 8th November 2016 (much to many people’s surprise), and 286 days from this event, takes us to 21’1 August 2017, when there is a total eclipse of the Sun across that country – right through the heart of America, from one side to the other. 286 is the number of displacement. What will this mean for America and/or Mr. Trump? We will have to wait and see, but if Mr. Trump is a kind of Samson figure, and if there are any negative happenings, then we need to remember that Samson slew more in his death, than he slew in his life – not that we are indicating an end to America’s President!

And lastly, concerning the number 2 – it is also worth considering that in 2016, we saw 2 unexpected happenings, one in Ephraim (Britain) and one in Manasseh (America). Brexit, and Trump-quake (to coin two phrases!). Both events gave us 2 new leaders; Theresa May, and Donald Trump. If Mr Trump is a Samson figure, what of Mrs. May? A friend suggests she is a Deborah figure… – but whatever you may think, one thing is for sure – we need to pray for them both – constantly!”

Editor’s Comment: Comparing Mrs. May to Deborah is an interesting thought and there is no doubt that Mrs. May has shown some Margaret Thatcher strength, in fact, in some ways she has a greater challenge with the EU negotiations, perhaps akin to the enemies of Israel during Deborah’s time. Remember, Deborah was made a Judge in Israel because of her outstanding ability and because of her gift of prophecy. Mrs. May has also shown much ability and I think, great strength after the disappointing election. Deborah used her great influence and gifts to rouse the people in a time of despair and confusion to withstand the encroaching Canaanites under their king. Well, Mrs. May will likely be called upon to encourage the people to stay the course as the one-worlders in the EU make unreasonable demands for the UK leaving.

It’s also an interesting comparison of President Trump and Samson, but somehow, I also see a comparison with Gideon. He also was a judge and prophet but a military leader too, whose calling and victory over another enemy of Israel, the Midianites, who also placed Israel in subjection when the Israelites again turned away from God 40 years of peace brought by Deborah’s victory, God chose Gideon, a young man from the tribe of Manasseh, to free the people of Israel and to condemn their idolatry. If Trump really has a mission of “draining the swamp, and early indications are positive to most Americans, then maybe, just maybe, he will be the “Gideon” needed at this most precarious time of the past half-century.

And finally, on the lighter side, a minister parked his car in a no-parking zone in a large city because he was short of time and couldn’t find a space with a meter. So, he put a note under the windshield wiper that read: “I have circled the block 100 times. If I don’t park here, I’ll miss my appointment. FORGIVE US OUR TRESPASSES.”

When he returned, he found a citation from a police officer along with this note. “I’ve circled this block for 10 years. If I don’t give you a ticket, I’ll lose my job. LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION.”