There is a well-known edict in the Roman Catholic church, that if it loses Ireland, it loses everything. This emanates from an old prophecy held in the Vatican. Co-existent with this is their belief in a statement made by Cardinal Manning that “Protestantism destroyed in England” is “Protestantism destroyed everywhere”. See references below.

The recent general election in Britain has seen a surprising and to most true Christians, unwelcome outcome, one which has placed Mrs. May’s premiership in great difficulty and danger. Yet, at the same time it has boosted the influence of the main Protestant political party in Northern Ireland, the Democratic Unionist Party or DUP. Their main policies include opposition to homosexual marriage, abortion on demand and the so-called climate change frenzy. As such these accord very well with most true Christian believers, but these strands of belief along with the DUP itself have been sidelined and opposed by the mainstream political parties and churches for a very long time. Almighty God is offended by these satanically inspired trends, and His good grace has given extra power to those who may provide opposition to them.

No doubt it is humiliating for the UK government to now openly hold court with a more truly Christian based party, but they only have themselves to blame for pandering to the vision of a militant secular world.

On a different tack, the EU foreign affairs minister, Frederica Mogherini, an Italian socialist who used to be a member of her country’s Communist Youth Federation, has welcomed the growing Islamification of the European continent. “Islam belongs in Europe”, she declared, adding “I am not afraid to say that political Islam will be part of the picture.” Thus, we can see the reality behind Angela Merkel’s welcoming of refugees, many of which have become so because of the so-called liberation of Libya by Sarkozy of France and Cameron of the UK, and the current attempted liberation (sic) of Syria.

The EU is a polyglot of sympathies towards all three enemies of the Anglo-Saxon world; these being, communism, Islam and of course Roman Catholicism. Indeed, you could quite legitimately say that the only thing these three ideologies have in common is hatred of the Israel nations of the West.

Now we come to the effect of the “disastrous” election result in Britain on Brexit itself, which process had miraculously survived mendacious court cases against it, directed by an acolyte of one of the world’s richest men. Theresa May is being counselled by the ‘great and the good” to trim her sails and make less demands especially with regard to the Single (European) Market. However, this should be the time not only to reject these blandishments but to toughen her stance, adopt a no-nonsense approach and offer our so-called European partners no concessions at all, but if necessary just leave the EU. For in truth there is no satisfying these unelected despots who have acted as parasites on our nation for over 40 years.

In fairness to some of the leaders in the EU, they want rid of us just as much as we want rid of them, the reason being that they wish to integrate further at an increasing rate and to set up an EU army, all of which have been hampered by our playing Jonah on their ship of state. They have in mind the setting up of the Fourth Reich and the final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire, the prophetic Babylon/renewed Tower of Babel of Revelations. (It Is a fact that the EU parliament building in Strasbourg is modelled on the unfinished Tower of Babel).

This last Kingdom/Empire is the one described in Daniel as having feet of iron mixed with miry clay. “Miry” means sticky and muddy (see Moffat translation) and the latter is the root word for muddle (from Old Low German). Well, we most certainly have a muddle now. The latest developments confirm that only our Lord God Almighty can lead us out of the new wilderness in ways that are beyond our comprehension. We have to return to adult ways and forsake childish notions. We have reached a turning point, in some respects just like Dunkirk, where our first foray into enemy held territory was swept back. Regrouping is therefore the name of the game, readiness for a new assault under a new command, if not a new leader. “Mrs. May is a difficult woman” declared Europhile Tory Ken Clarke. Well, she is going to have every opportunity to prove him right!”

I encourage readers to review the following reference material.

1. The British Monarchy and the See of Rome Michael F McCarthy.

Re-issued 2010. In it, you will note that during Elizabeth 1′ ‘s glorious reign of forty five years, the Popes fomented two wars for the destruction of England, a foreign war led by Phillip 2nd of Spain, which ended in the defeat of the Armada, and a domestic war led by Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone, which Elizabeth completely crushed. The Pope and cardinals induced O’Neill to take up arms for the Papal religion in Ireland by promising to crown him King of Ireland, and by alleging that there was an old prophecy in the Vatican to the effect that when the Roman faith perisheth in Ireland, it will perish everywhere”.

2. Rome’s Fight for the British Throne Albert Close 1930.

In it, the author points out that in 1859 the idea of crushing Protestantism in Britain was taking shape in Cardinal Manning’s mind. In a sermon, Cardinal Wiseman said, “England is the head of Protestantism, the centre of its movements and the stronghold of its power. Weakened in England, it is paralyzed everywhere. Conquered in England, it is conquered throughout the world. Once overthrown here, all else is but a warfare of detail”.