“Tell All America to go to its knees!” These were the words of a young lieutenant in the United States Army on some far off battle front to his sister in Pennsylvania. The letter is headed “The Wilds of Nowhere, the Land of Death and Destruction.” It was received September 3rd, 1942.

When he knew he was going over he said he was going armed with the Bible. It was of small size, and he kept it in his breast pocket. He wrote, “My buddy and I were sent out in the work [that] I told you before was our job. We had just received important information. When the enemy discovered us, I gave my buddy the information, told him to beat [leave] it, and turned to face them. It was the first time I’d been faced with the necessity of pointing my gun at a man. I thought fast; then I said, “Lord, it’s your responsibility now.” My buddy had not obeyed my order. As I reached for my carbine, a shot from one of them struck me in the breast and blasted me down. Thinking I was dead, my pal jumped and grabbed my carbine, as well as his own, stood astride my body, blasting away with both guns. He received three bullet wounds in his knees, but when he finished there was not one of them left. He was amazed when I rolled over and tried to get up. The force of that bullet had only stunned me. Dazedly, wondering why, I pulled my Bible out of my pocket and in utter muteness looked at the ugly hole in the cover. It had ripped through Genesis, Exo­dus, Leviticus, Numbers, on through the other books and kept going. Where do you think it stopped? In the middle of the ninety first Psalm, pointing like a finger at this verse, “A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.”

Sis, when I read that verse it raised me three feet off the ground! I did not know such a verse was in the Bible. Having read mostly in the New Testament. I read the rest of that chapter. In utter humility, I said, “Thank you, precious God” and felt like a little boy that had escaped the mouth of an enemy of prey.

“When I got my buddy back at the post” he said, ‘I’ve had enough. This convinces me. Come on. I want to get right with God, starting right now.’

Then he tells how his buddy said, “Nothing matters now but this,” and refused to let them tend his wounds, but stayed on his knees until he was saved. Then, he said, he jumped over bunks and even ran outside and shouted it to the whole camp.

Continuing we quote in part: “Since I’ve given my heart to God I talk, pray, and hold meetings with the boys, and God has given me twenty-five souls who have prayed through and come out for God. God led me to go after my general, and I stuck until he was grounded and came through. It took a long time. He was so dignified. The Spirit of God hovered over that tent with a sort of glimmering golden hazel tell you, Sis, prayer is going to win this war. Not guns alone! Fervent, agonizing prayer! God is bringing them in one by one. Think of it! One hundred twenty men and one general in one regiment! When that happens, this unit will be unconquerable. Pray, Sis. Pray as you never prayed before. TELL EVERYONE TO PRAY.

Tell all America to go to its knees.

Editor’s Note: For the benefit of his many friends throughout the Movement, I should tell you that at the time of this writing, Pastor Campbell is back in the hospital fighting off the latest diabetes attack. His regular forum will resume next month, but this month, in its place, we publish this article taken from his booklet, “How God Won the War”. What is interesting is that the last time Alan and I talked, he was concerned with the great division in America right now and felt like prayer is needed more now than at any time since WW2. In fact, he sees it as a war, as the one-worlders now face a second front, with both Brexit and the Trump presidency threatening their long-planned world control. He believes the next couple of months will reveal their strategy.