Going into 2017, the world just seems to be jumping from one dilemma to another. The majority of the people are confused, have no confidence in government, are fighting escalating food and shelter costs, with little hope of saving for their futures, and are greatly concerned with the rise of crime and violence. In their letters, telephone calls and e-mails, people of all ages are expressing alarm over a myriad of things. Those older ones already retired seem to worry less but under 60 people are struggling for the most part and it is an extremely difficult road to travel for young people.

Has Brexit stalled? I often hear concerns about this. Certainly, the submission of Article 50 has been delayed longer than expected; where it was anticipated to be submitted within days of the successful “leave” vote, the delay has now gone on for over six months and we could be looking at many more months. And that is, if the “remain” forces will allow it without any more stalling tactics. First, the call for another referendum, then the three judges and the call that leaving should be a prerogative of parliament. But, remember, the referendum was decisive so the government must abide. Still, there will very likely be more strategic moves by those who want to keep the status-quo and/or the one-world promoters. When asked, I say that I’m still confident the will of the people will be upheld and Britain will leave the EU.

Donald Trump won the America presidency but like the attempt to discredit Brexit, the Democrats and the one-world sympathizers have done everything they can to keep him from becoming president; first arguing the popular vote, then attempting to sway the Electoral college and then calling the election tainted because of Russian hacking. But once in, then what? Can he really keep all the promises? The wall itself will have huge opposition, so expect great concessions here. Fixing the employment problem is just as daunting. We are in the post-industrial society, computers and technology means that jobs are just not there, so, sadly, there is less and less need of people. Taking those jobs from China, for instance, would create obvious problems in that nation and will that mean some sort of retaliation? Despite the Russian problem initiated by outgoing President Obama, standing up to China would seem to be Trump’s number one challenge. That nation is out of control, as evidenced by their intrusion in the South China Sea.

Deep down, I believe Donald Trump would like to be another Abraham Lincoln or an Andrew Jackson, but he may never get the chance because the world is swimming in catastrophes, like economic abuses that could lead to collapse and potential wars. Then, there is possible civil unrest, primarily in the inner cities, if Trump cannot deliver as he said. Then to, not being a true republican may not let him sway the republican congress as he would like. In short, both he and America have a massive challenge ahead of them.

There are so many other shadows on the horizon. Will the Syrian peace treaty hold up? Excluding America in the process was showing real contempt for President Obama, as was the lack of response by a crafty Putin to the expulsion of Russian diplomats from America. Interesting that Turkey, a supposed friend of NATO and America, who, along with Russia and Iran, joined in on the peace talks with Syria. Does this suggest they are now turning in the direction of Russia? Could it be suggestive of Ezekiel 38:6, “Togarmah of the north quarters”? And while it looks like Assad will remain, perhaps it will only be until he is no longer needed.

Other Moslem countries are virtually unstable and local conflicts are bound to continue, as is their belligerence toward the modern State of Israel. It didn’t do any good that America stepped aside from the United Nations Security Council vote on the West Bank settlements. It leaves another huge challenge for Trump.

The European Union continues to experience further unrest, with Italy, France and Germany reviewing their participation. It’s almost like the one-worlders are losing their grip and are seeing the controlled world they fashioned over the years breaking apart. I recall a 2014 article from the Telegraph, nearly two years before the actual Brexit vote. It was entitled “Soon, there won’t be a Europe to be part of”. In looking back, the final paragraph is very revealing, he wrote: “The European Union is failing. Whether we are in or our scarcely seems to matter any more. In imagining it does, many of our leading businesses are woefully behind the curve. Something will eventually emerge from the wreckage. But whatever it is, it won’t be the status quo.”

Of course, Germany is the main spoke in the EU wheel but Germans are angry and talk about leaving is widespread. And another concern for those pushing one-worldism is the possible throwing out of the Mercle government, primarily because of the great difficulties Germans have experienced due to Mercle’s decision to admit hundreds of thousands of refugees to the country.

Space prevents me from spending time on the financial debacle that is growing like cancer. It cannot last much longer without a major collapse. It may begin with the banks who are badly shaken. It may coincide with bad lending policies or the high risk derivative instruments. But, much will happen in the next year or so and to such an extent that even central bank money policies will not be able to correct the problem.

So, what should we look for in 2017. It will very likely be a year of great consternation. Still, here’s a thought. 100 years ago in 1917, Jerusalem was liberated, exactly as the time clock of prophecy predicted. Jerusalem in 604 BC was part of the Nation of Judah, so its liberation benefited Judah. Could it be that 2017 could see Joseph’s descendants, Ephraim Britain (the Commonwealth countries) and Manasseh America, liberated from the Esau Dominion. Remember, the number 100 stands for God’s election of Grace or Children of Promise. So, watch closely.

Finally, I am asked often what Christian Israelites should do in the event of dire circumstances. The prophet Isaiah in Chapter 26:20 gives us the best advice, “Come, my children, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast”.

Two things! Remember, to avoid the final plague, the long-ago Israelites were told to stay in their homes and apply blood from an unblemished lamb on the doorframes. Well, our brethren who have yet to have Christ in their lives must come under the blood of Jesus Christ, our unblemished lamb.

Secondly, know God means it when He had Isaiah write the following verse, “For, behold, the Lord cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity ….”