You hear so many strange things about British Israelites. Who are they? where did this Anglo-Israel teaching have its origins? Are they a crazy racist cult, a new American sect? Opponents of Anglo-Israel, having little or no Scriptural evidence to refute our teachings, prefer to frighten sincere seekers for truth by seeking to smear British-Israel with the biggest tar brush possible. A favourite method seems to be that of claiming that the Anglo­Israel teaching originated with the writings of the deranged Richard Brothers, who was for a time confined to a lunatic asylum in the late eighteenth/early nineteenth century. But let’s look at some historic figures to demonstrate the truth.

There was 6th Century A.D. British Historian Gildas named “the Wise” who wrote of the Saxon invasion (these Israelites).

Sir Francis Drake (1540-1596) wrote to Rev. John Foxe (Foxe Book of Martyrs)“…. that we might have continued peace in Israel”.

In 1815 – Rev. James Hartley Frere wrote a book entitled “A Combined View of the Prophecies of Daniel, Esdras and St John” in which he showed that the British were Israel.

In 1761 Alexander Cruden published the first edition of the famous Bible aid, “Crudens Concordance”. The dedication page of this original edition contained these words:- “that it may be said by the present and future ages, that King George III has been an Hezekiah to our British Israel”.

In 1828 – Rev. J W Brooks wrote an article which he signed Abdul which was published in the Jewish Chronicle and in which he proved the Welsh to be of Israel descent.

In 1314 A.D. the nobility of Scotland signed the Scottish Declaration of Independence at Arbroath Abbey. In it they stated their belief in the Israel Identity of their people:

These are but six of the many examples I recorded in my book, “The True and Noble Origins of the Anglo-Israel Message. I could have mentioned some of England’s monarchy, like James I, Queen Victoria & King George VI .

Editor: Our good friend Alan Campbell is having health challenges these days. He has been a leading soldier in our movement and I know that many of you will want to include him in your prayers.  I often recall the first time I met him; it was at the America ‘s Promise 1994 Conference. After listening to his passionate message, I mentioned to him during a walk back from a lake where he baptized me, that he would be an amazing star in the land of televangelism. I’ll never forget his reply, when he said something along these lines, “the Lord God opened my eyes to the Israel Truth and  I have dedicated myself to preaching the Gospels of the Kingdom and Salvation and news of the Israel Truth to Israelites around the world, for as long as he wants me to,  no matter whether its to three people at a time or a hundred. Alan has been ailing for two/three years now but he has not let health issues deter him from writing, from re-building his library of books or ministering to a weekly Bible Study group at his home. He is truly God’s servant.