Someone recently called me to talk about Brexit. It’s been three months since the historic vote and it was a relief to some that the Prime Minister finally announced that Article 50 will be submitted to the EU before the end of March 2017. Still, there is tremendous maneuvering behind the scenes to overturn the favourable vote. Here in Northern Ireland, there is much opposition from the majority of voters who want to stay in the EU. And the opposition in Scotland is even more turbulent. They are all for staying with the EU and the first minister wants a referendum on Scotland’s future. Even in England, the “remain” forces are becoming more vocal and demanding a review by way of a new vote. So, unless the Brexit vote was God-inspired, there is no guarantee it will go ahead. Threats like the French President saying that the EU will punish the UK as a result of Brexit are certainly frightening to some Brexit supporters.

Another reader wanted my thoughts on other world events but they are so changeable that what I say today will be something different tomorrow. However, the mid-east is becoming more entangled with Russia proving to be a strong supporter of the Assaad regime and openly warning the Americans to stay away. In Germany, the Merkel government is doing badly in elections and it appears that the unwise decision to permit the immigration of so many refugees into the country is a possible impediment to their re-election. Spain has limped along for roughly nine months without a proper government and it appears a coalition government is in the offing. America’s political presidential battle has become a mud-slinging contest and unless Trump can change his election strategy, it could well mean four more years of Obama policies. As it is, America’s perceived weak leadership has emboldened Russia in particular, who is flexing their muscles everywhere, not just the middle-east.

I was asked about what our bodies may look like in the Kingdom, so perhaps I will repeat something I wrote on this subject many years ago. I simply entitled it, “The Glorified Body” and had said that as Born Again believers we know we shall see Him and be like Him. Then, I gave Bible authority on what out glorious body will be like, as follows.

It will be a recognizable body and our personal identity will be preserved (1 Cor. 13: 12).
It will be a body like the resurrection body of our Lord Jesus Christ (1 John 3: 2).
It will be a glorious body and suitable for living conditions in Heaven (1 Cor. 15: 43).
It will be an incorruptible, immortal and eternal body (1 Cor. 15: 43).
It will be a body of material flesh and bone and a body that will permit eating (Luke 24: 41-43).
It will be a body in which the Spirit controls and governs (1 Cor. 15: 49).
It will be a body unlimited by time, gravity or space (John 20: 19 & 26).

Furthermore, there will be no ageing or weariness. It will be able to pass through walls as Jesus and Angels did. It will be possible to explore this vast universe at the “Speed of Thought”. We shall rule for ever in a purposeful life.

There will be no language problems. We shall meet and talk with Old Testament saints. We shall have the joy of being reunited with loved ones again. We shall never make mistakes.

Our Lord Jesus will always be fresh because He is infinite in His resources.

All these will be yours, dear Reader, but only if you know Christ as your Saviour and Lord.