Through the ages man has always looked for peace and yet the harder he has sought the more unrest and trouble has come. Military might, Leagues of Nations, United Nations – all in turn have failed, until now the world is again faced with the danger of war, and war today could bring utter destruction to the whole world. TRULY WE HAVE HAD OUR LAST CHANCE.

Is it possible for man to find on his own some practical answer to the ‘greedy’ snatching of power that is going on? For it is greed which is keeping us from a peaceful solution. The answer is most surely – NO. The problem is a spiritual one and this is what man will not see. For in spite of all the learning, scientific discoveries, flights into space, art, literature and material developments that man has achieved, he has failed simply because he has left God out of the scheme of things.

On its own the human mind of man is a very pitiful thing indeed. Without His Creator helping him, all his achievements are worthless and in many cases soul destroying.

When we hear of the so-called wonderful ‘things’ man has done, let us all keep our balance … Without God they mean nothing. The time is coming very quickly now, when we are all going to know this, for God will move and show us wonders that we, with all our scientific knowledge, never dreamt possible.

WE HAVE HAD OUR LAST CHANCE – now God will take over, and we will know that He is still Lord of All.

Courtesy The Ambassador