I suppose it was nearly three decades ago when I first began lecturing about the “Kings of the East”. In fact, some time in the 1990’s, I wrote a small booklet using this title and recall that at the time, Japan was the leading economic power in the area and I wrote at the time, “There is a Japanese saying that it took Britain a hundred years and the United States fifty years to become the richest countries in the world, but it only took Japan five”. I had suggested that Japan had become the leading exponent of the Babylonish Economic system and had pictured them as 2 Esdras 15:46 described, “And thou Asia, thou art partaker of the hope of Babylon, and art the glory of her person”. It was relatively easy to make this comparison since she was a leading participant in financing America’s debt and a major purchaser of Western Nation debt.

Still, it is China who has made the greatest strides economically and militarily since and at a time America’s power declines, it is China’s that increases. They are on the brink of achieving their two main goals of the 1990’s, perhaps they are even there now. These goals were simply (1) to become the world’s leading economic power and (2) to become the world’s leading military power.

It is astonishing to contemplate their success, even rather frightening to those of True Israel who understand Biblical prophecy. Because it simply means that a massive conflict looms in the not too distant future. And their ruthless leadership seems to rightly assess weak leadership on the part of western nations.

But, let’s look at some of their achievements. But, as we do, we should remember Napoleon’s words when he said, “China is a sleeping giant and when it awakes, the world will tremble”. It’s wide awake now and danger for our nations is right around the corner. Recently their military planes flew over the Aleutian Islands, probably as an act of defiance. Think, as well, of the Panama Canal. The Americans relinquished control of it years ago but China stepped in and could well control both sides of the Canal. One could easily visualize how they could develop military bases and in the event of war, attack America’s underbelly. Remember the Bible warning, “The Kings of the East are Coming”.

Once the naval forces of the once powerful Soviet Union pulled out of their strategic bases in Viet-Nam and the U.S. Navy departed from the Philippines, an opportunity blossomed for Red China. In the early 1990’s, in an aggressive move virtually ignored by the West, Red China extended its territorial waters by hundreds of miles to include South China Sea islands. Artificially extending these islands in the past few years, adding military bases and townships, despite objections from Japan, the Philippines and the West, Red China now claims the entire South China Sea including the major shipping lanes through which must pass the tankers which carry oil from the Middle East to Korea and Japan. Their control could easily close off commercial travel in the South Seas.

Economically, China’s leaders found the correct road of building Chinese socialism to enhance their economy, by carrying out reforms and opening its nation to the outside world. China’s growth, expansion and independence and advance towards prosperity under its communist leadership are closely linked to allowing private enterprise to operate in the economy, all the while maintaining dictatorial political power. At the same time, the economies of the west have suffered as thousands of plants, industries and jobs have been exported east leaving behind poverty, high unemployment, unsustainable debt and a growing anger within the populace of the western nations. The steel industry is being paid particular attention with China’s leaders and the effect is being severely felt in the United Kingdom, the European Union and America.

In my booklet, I showed eleven countries that could well form an alliance with China, including Japan. This nation is closely allied with America at the present time but she could well fall in line with a mega-powerful China at some point in time. Remember, Japan has a great weakness, it may be cash rich, but is lacking in natural resources and living space. China has no such weakness, although it has permitted millions of its citizens to immigrate to other lands, particularly Israel nations. What stand these immigrants will take in event of war is unknown. It’s interesting that Indonesia, the only Islamic nation in the east with roughly 200 million people, seems to be cozying up to China. Indeed, both nations have a close eye on the vast wilderness spaces and abundant natural resources of its neighbor to the south, Australia.

Politically, China has recognized the need for cooperation with its old ally Russia and so lately there has been a renewing of bonds. They have even cooperated on commercial ventures. I’m certain military alliances are at least under discussion, since the Russian Premier Putin has recently visited Beijing.

This can be a frightening article to some, so I want to end with these words. As we witness the famines, earthquakes, pestilences, wars and rumours of wars of which Jesus spoke; as we look into that seething Cup of Trembling in the Middle East, as Militant Fundamentalist Islam faces up to World Zionism; as we view the attempts of Mystery Babylon, the Roman Catholic system to create a One World Super Church, and a United States of Europe; and as we have looked at the gathering of the Oriental nations for the final end time conflict; our hearts are not filled with fear but rather with excitement and joyful expectation, for we know that our Lord Jesus Christ is soon to return to earth to cut short the days of tribulation and to establish His Kingdom. We do well in concluding to remember His words: – “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Luke 21:28)