It is interesting to note that the delivery of Jerusalem, in December of 1917 by General Allenby of the British Army, was also precisely a prophetic “Seven times” (2,520 years) after 604 B.C., the date when Nebuchadnezzar first came against Jerusalem and took the city and led away that segment of the tribe of Judah captive into Babylon. Even the manner in which the city was delivered in 1917 was explicitly foretold by the Prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 31:5): “As birds flying, so will the Lord of Hosts defend Jerusalem; defending, also He will deliver it; and passing over, He will preserve it.”

British airplanes flew low at high speed, to and fro over the city, and scared the Turks into surrender without firing a shot, and at the same time defended the city against Turkish planes. In detailed fulfillment of Isaiah, the number 14 Bomber Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps (the old name for what is now the R.A.F.) took Jerusalem “as flying birds” and defended it, and passing over it, preserved it. An indication of the Divine planning, in every detail, may be found in the motto, inscribed on the badge of the bomber squadron chosen for the task, which read: “I spread my wings and keep my promise.”

The verdict of time, again gives confirmation of the truth of the inch-year scale of chronological prophecy, built into the design of the Great Pyramid, and added validity to the argument for its Divine Authorship.