To be in England within a month from the historic Brexit vote on June 23rd and to be a speaker at their Conference was indeed the highlight of my year. And what a conference it was! I can’t mention all who spoke but it was so good to visit again the Israel Truth made so interesting by Margery Dowling; the powerful Brexit comments by Pastor Robert Phillips and Prof. Michael Bennett; the advice from Scotland’s David McLure on walking with the Lord through these most challenging times and New Zealand’s Andrew Adams’ frank dissertation of the changing face of his nation. The DVD presentations will be available at some point in the next couple of months and they will be well worth viewing. You will learn, for instance, how a Zimbabwe-Rhodesian farmer had his farm confiscated, was thrown in jail and later was forced to flee to South Africa with his family in the middle of the night. Yet, this man, Pastor Henry Jackson, did not succumb to self-pity, instead he forged ahead without bitterness and has become a beacon of light for the Lord. You will love his presentations. The morning devotions, the covenant service and the fellowship added so much to the conference. And, oh yes, I spoke twice, we’ll get them on the website in due course. You know, there were friends there from Germany, the Netherlands and other places. Michael Clark and David Aimer and their team simply did a magnificent job.

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