Let me catch you up on events around the world. They are changing so rapidly that by the time this magazine is distributed, much I have said will be old news.

First, I just have to make a couple of comments about the UK referendum that is scheduled for later this month, June 23rd to be exact. You might recall my article entitled “Come Out of Her, My People” in the April magazine. It feels disappointing to a great extent because apart from the original barrage by noted individuals like Nigel Farage, the “Let’s Leave” voices have been quite quiet and this has me worried because the “Let Stay” campaign is convincing to a huge percentage of our citizenry, as the bankers, corporate heads and most politicians are on their cheering squad. Then too, voices like President Obama trying to convince Britishers how to vote does carry some weight. But, I would like to suggest that if people like Obama say “stay”, it is all the more reason for coming out. We can only wait and see if the timing for “Come Out of Her, My People” is in line with God’s Wishes.

By the way, probably the only high placed leader in the world who likes the idea of coming out is Vladimir Putin, because it would weaken the EU and curb their appetite to confront Russia.

I think it was in March that I suggested we take a quick glance around the world to view the growing violence and the potential powder keg. You might like to review what I had to say at the time because it isn’t getting any better. Ironically, Russia is very quiet at this moment and have cut back their presence in Syria, leaving President Assad in a much more confident position. Their activities as of late seems to be harassing America through fly-overs against their ships and facilities. It’s like they have total distain and absolutely no fear of President Obama. It’s too bad politicians don’t understand the Bible because they would realize beyond a shadow of a doubt that Russia is Gog and the Bible sets out Gog’s intention. Still, I suppose if they did read, they wouldn’t understand. What does the Bible say, “… seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand …”

So, instead, the Americans are becoming more embroiled in the Middle East, again injecting more troops, calling them advisors, yet some say, not in sufficient force to overcome the forces of ISIS. Donald Trump appears to be a hawk and has captured the minds of many Americans, but as we know from past experience, rarely does a politician stay with all he promised during campaign months. Of course, if he obtains the nomination, he will almost certainly be faced with Hilary Clinton and so far she has less promises to keep and less hurdles to overcome. If they meet in a presidential battle, it will be an election to behold.

Germany’s Merkel is trying to encourage the Turks to take some of the Syrians off her hands (she had too big an appetite I guess) but what’s the difference, she would have to exchange one for one from the refugees in Turkish camps. And the rub is that Turkey wants something denied to them so far as an EU member, “full visa rights”. Ever Merkel can’t swallow this. On the other hand, as a defence against ISIS, Turkey does seem to be making headway with America in her quest in acquiring the military shield that protects Israel from her neighbours.

Since my report, North Korea is becoming even more bold, using missile and nuclear tests to attempt to stop the joint military exercises between America and South Korea. What does Joel 3:10 say, “let the weak say, I am strong”.

It just seems that everything around the world is in turmoil. Economic fears are growing, when one looks at Japan for example, their economic outlook is rather frightening. And in any future turbulence, where will they fit anyway? Perhaps they are an ally of America now but sitting beside an economic and military giant like China, can they be counted upon? In South America; Brazil and Venezuela are in turmoil with their economies, as are many other small nations.

China itself continues to increase in economic power and with their expansion programs in the South Seas and other nations around the world, they are flexing their muscles and taunting America. The railway they are constructing to reach southeast Asia is certainly another reach for power. And once the South Sea island project is complete, will they claim territorial waters as well?

It is a concern in the world today that so many earthquakes and other natural disasters of a devastating nature are taking place and the Ecuador disaster may well be heralding a rash of future events. Is it God’s Judgment, as so many believe, but if it is so, then Israel countries that have turned their back on what made us great in the first place, that is, God’s Laws, we had better brace ourselves for an onslaught of disaster. We must never forget Ezekiel’s words in chapter 7:8, which sum up God’s intentions in what is described as “An end is come”. Ezekiel wrote: “Now will I shortly pour out my fury upon thee, and accomplish mine anger upon thee: and I will judge thee according to thy ways, and will recompense thee for all thine abominations”.

Stay tuned.