At the time of this writing, the leader of North Korea has given orders to ready nuclear weapons; China is flexing her muscles with the South China Sea military buildup; Russia is getting bolder daily as she ignores the power of America; America itself is in turmoil with debt, illegal immigration & political instability; the ISIS led terrorism continues to tear the Mid-East countries apart; the mass refugee invasion is changing the face of Europe; and economic collapse is one of the greatest worries for the world nations, the latest signs coming from South America. Everything seems to be pointing to that final world conflict so frightening to people around the globe. We never seem to learn.

100 years ago, we were in the midst of the most devastating war in history. Tens of millions of people were killed but the numbers will likely pale beside World War 3. Yet, sanity seems to have left world leaders.

Evangelist Arthur Daniels wrote a book 100 years ago entitled “The World War-Its Relation to the Eastern Question and Armageddon”. It’s interesting to read the Publisher’s Foreword, as it very much resembles what we are facing today, considering the wars & atrocities taking place around the globe these days.

Mr. Daniels wrote: “The story of the world war is familiar to all. Its daily-increasing horrors are heralded morning and evening with startling headlines in every newspaper in every country the world over. [Like today] It would seem as if civilization is committing suicide – that all the forces of knowledge and power in this enlightened age had contributed to a carnival of self-destruction. [Ed: And today the nuclear threat heralds Joel Chapters 2&3]

It is plainly evident that an acute crisis in the affairs of the world has set in and it is more and more clearly dawning upon the consciousness of men that this upheaval of the nations may be the prelude of “the war of the great day of God, the Almighty.”

A world problem challenges attention, and many thoughtful men are vainly searching for a solution. Says the Springfield Republican: ‘Writers who can tell a stupefied world what this fearful portent means, who can throw light on the great fundamental problems of the race, and give some hint as to its destiny, will have an attentive and even anxious audience.’

In this hour of trouble unparalleled in human history, we turn to the Word of the living God—from the uncertainty of the times to the ‘sure word of prophecy.’ Now, as in all past crises, that Word is a light which all men may follow with confidence and hope.”

(slightly abridged)