Written by David Davidson, M.C., M.1. Struct. Engineer

It was in 1909 that David Davidson’s mother casually mentioned to her son that she had read a pamphlet describing the Great Pyramid, and that some were placing religious interpretations on the building. He said, “I am going out to Egypt soon and I will put some of my engineering equipment in my bag and will blow their theories sky high during the fortnight I am there”. However, as it turned out, David Davidson not only spent 14 days on his research into the Great Pyramid in Egypt, but altogether about 14 years. He went out to Egypt as an agnostic but, as a result of his investigations, he came back convinced of the Pyramid’s Divine Message and became a born-again Christian. He also authored “The Great Pyramid, Its Divine Message”. Needless to say, it was very well received and still so today.

His testimony of conversion from an agnostic to a dynamic Christian was declared a short time later, “I proclaim with humility and yet with confidence, that the Pyramid’s Message establishes the Bible as the Inspired Word of God, and testifies that Jesus Christ, by His Displacement, paid the purchase price of mankind’s Redemption, and effected the Salvation of all who truly believe on Him”.

 Editor: David Davidson was a distinguished Engineer, a Mathematician, an Astronomer, an Egyptologist, a Writer of distinction and the World’s Most Eminent Authority on the GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZEH. He was also a firm believer of the Israel Truth and lent his support to BIWF, England for several decades.