“If thou be Christ, save thyself and us.” (Luke 23:3)

This is the railing of one of the malefactors to Jesus as they both hung dying on their crosses.

Just as Christ was reviled nearly two thousand years ago, so is Modern Israel reviled throughout the world today. “Where is the once great British Empire today?” sneer the critics. “Yankee, go home,” shout the demonstrators. The name of Anglo-Saxondom is in low repute. Former disciples are denying their friends of a few decades ago. For example, during the early twentieth century, America’s relationships with nations around the world were for the most part excellent. Who would have guessed that one by one, these nations would turn their backs upon Uncle Sam, their friend? It was prophesied in Genesis 49:23. It spoke of the two sons of Joseph, one who represents America and it warns, “The archers have solely grieved him, and shot at him, and hated him”. It is sad commentary that America, first to answer every disaster around the world, is hated by so many of the nations it helped on occasion. Think only of the Mid-East nations, for example.

Remarkably, just as events immediately prior to Christ’s crucifixion rapidly accelerated, so we find events today moving so quickly it is hard to keep abreast of them.

We see a definite parallel between Christ’s crucifixion and the crucifixion of the Anglo-Saxon nations on the Economic Cross, which has been borne for generations. All Israel nations are in economic bondage but none more so than America. They are rapidly heading toward twenty trillion dollars, not counting State, Corporate or Individual debt. Indeed, they have added more debt in the past seven years than all the years of America’s existence taken together. So, every citizen of America, like lambs led to the poorhouse, must speculate, “Who or what parties are benefiting from their financial bondage”.

The Pharisees cried out for Christ’s death. “Crucify Him, crucify Him!” was the demonstrators demand. They had the Romans to do the dirty work. Today, the world’s economy is directed by a group of International Financiers, descendants of these same Esau Pharisees. Booms and depressions are wrought by their manipulations. The life or death of a nation is in their hands.

Usury is their god today, just as it was when Christ overturned the moneylenders’ tables in the Temple. It was this act which led to this powerful political group seeking His destruction.

Britain and the United States incurred the wrath of the moneylenders in 1931 and ’33 when their currencies were taken off the Gold Standard. Still, the Financiers had well laid plans for revenge. Yes, usury is the god; High Finance the altar; and as already been demonstrated, Anglo-Saxondom is the sacrifice.

I previously wrote that “Just as in days of old, Rome was to be the instrument by which the sacrifice is to be destroyed”. The emergence on the world scene of the mysterious European Union, which today we know to be fraught with great political implications.

The United Kingdom, at least the political and economic leadership of the nation initially formed by tribes of Israel led by Joseph’s other son Ephraim, was seemingly eager to enter into full partnership with the Babylonian system of finance and religion. The stamp of approval in those early days was visits of the Archbishop of Canterbury and Her Majesty the Queen, to see the Pope.

The sacrifice was being prepared.

So let us consider the sacrifice. In ancient Israel, the sacrifice took upon itself, unwittingly, the sins of the offerer. This redeemed the sinner. A lamb was probably more often the animal used as a sacrificial offering than any other animal. Thus, Jesus, as the sacrifice for Israel’s sins, was called the Lamb of God.. He died to redeem Israel and save sinners. It will be noted that a sinner is one who transgresses the Law. One has to be under the Law to transgress it. So, we find that Christ redeemed those once under the Law, the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, who were at the time of His death, in dispersion throughout Europe and Asia, known by many names, but in later history emerging on the North Sea Coast as Saxons, Danes and Norsemen. These people, just as those still living in the Holy Land, had their national foundations imbedded deeply in the Law, for it was given them for their welfare by God, through Moses, at Mount Sinai.

Israel is referred to in the Scriptures, time and time again as sheep. Modern Israelites (Anglo-Saxondom) are still God’s sheep. As sheep, could it be that since its inception, the Israel nation has been destined to play the same role as Jesus, Lamb of God – that of Redeemer?

We believe Israel was to be a blessing to all nations. This is promised in Genesis 28:14. Can it be that just as Modern Israel was the means, by virtue of its Christianity, the Gospel of Personal Salvation was brought to many non-Israelitish peoples, she is to be the means whereby the nations of the world, their sins properly atoned for by her own sacrifice upon the High Financial Altar, will be able to gain membership in the Kingdom of God on Earth, when Christ returns to establish it. We know that the world as a whole is God’s creation and must ultimately be brought back to a perfect condition.

We must hearken back to Christ’s crucifixion and the resultant resurrection. If Modern Israel is to be sacrificed to redeem the nations of the world, can we not expect a resurrection? Of course! This is how the Kingdom of God will be established, first in the resurrected nation of Israel, with Christ upon the Throne. Then, the nations, redeemed, will be cleared to seek membership in the Kingdom.

As we view the rapidly moving events; the resurgence of Romish power; the ever-increasing impress of financial matters upon the nations; behind the scenes financial manipulations; the puffing of real estate and equity markets; the retirement of Britain from world affairs; the U.S. being led down the garden path of foreign aid, wars and being milked white; the breaking down of tradition; appalling immorality; hysteria everywhere, we cannot help but being frustrated and confused. But looking beyond present situations, we see, coming ever closer as each event comes to pass, the return of Jesus Christ to operate the perfect Kingdom of God, right here on earth.


(Courtesy The Anglo-Saxon World Somewhat abridged and updated by your Editor)