Who knew back in August, 1909 that we would be celebrating a 100th year anniversary. Yet, we did and in August, 2009, Israelites from across Canada and the United States joined in one of the most significant conferences of modern times. Speakers from the United Kingdom and the United States joined Canadians to present powerful messages for the challenging times through which we are passing. These messages will be aired over the course of the next few months, commencing with August, 2010. And some of the special music selected for the Conference will also be aired.

In addition to a thought-provoking message by Alan Campbell, a highlight of the Conference Banquet was a DVD presentation of the Association’s long and storied history. This DVD presentation, from beginning to end, is a nostalgic journey through an organization dedicated to spreading news of the Israel Truth and the Gospel of the Kingdom to brethren right around the world.

Narrated by Brooks Alden with an introduction by Bob Vermaat.