Jesus said, “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” Matthew 24:14. I believe we are in the final stages of the preaching of the gospel. The last closed door has opened, allowing the gospel to be preached to the Muslim world.

We have heard about the great revivals in Asia and Africa, attended by miracles of healing. We have also heard about the thousands of people in South America who have turned from superstition to evangelical, Bible based Christianity. Doors have been opening to the gospel around the world and the number of Christians in the world is growing by about twenty five thousand a day. This is in spite of the decline of Christianity in the modern Israel nations. We are under the godless domination of Esau. We have had our chance. The gospel has been preached with Holy Ghost power to our people. The Muslim world has not had that opportunity, but it appears the door is now opened for the preaching of the gospel to the Muslims.

One day I watched two of my favourite evangelists on T.V.: Charles Price of Toronto, Ontario, and Mark Hughes of Winnipeg, Manitoba. They were both talking about the same thing: the power of the written word in the Bible. Charles Price mentioned a survey of people who had become Christians at Billy Graham crusades. The people were asked what Billy Graham had said that turned their hearts toward God. In nearly every case it was when Billy Graham quoted scripture. However, these people did not always know that Billy Graham was quoting scripture. It was words from the Bible, and not Billy Graham’s eloquence that converted people. Mark Hughes, in his sermon, talked about how the Bible is going into Libya and Egypt. A Christian organization is working to send a million bibles into Libya. Vehicles entering that country are regularly searched for weapons, but literature is ignored. Shipments of bibles are entering the country unimpeded. The Bible is going into Egypt in a different way, on Sim cards. Each Sim card is about as big as your thumb nail and has the whole Bible on it. An Egyptian can take the back off his cell phone, remove the Sim card that comes with the phone, and replace it with a Sim card that has the Bible. Then he can read the Bible on his cell phone. Egypt is cell phone crazy. There are more cell phones in the country than there are people.

The most wanted man in the world is Zakaria Botros, a former Egyptian Islamic scholar, now a Christian, who is probably responsible for millions of Muslims converting to Christianity. Iran and Saudi Arabia have put a sixty million dollar bounty on his head. He regularly broadcasts to the Muslim world by the internet and satellite T.V. It is thought he is living somewhere in the United States.

Recently, in a local church, I heard the testimony of Afshin Javid, an Iranian who wanted to come to Canada to convert Canadians to Islam. He was trained in Islam and knows the Koran better than all but a few Muslims. On the way to Canada he was arrested in Malaysia, and while in prison became a Christian. He ended up coming to Canada as a Christian with a mission to convert Muslims to Christianity. Before he made the final trip to Canada he was able to preach in a mosque in Bangladesh to thousands of Muslim men and tell them about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Of course, some men wanted to kill him, but his life was spared because when he laid hands on people with incurable diseases and prayed for them, they were healed. His story is in a book he authored entitled “As Easy as Drinking Water”, published by Wine Press Publishing of Enumclaw, WA, or through on the internet.

These are just a few of the stories of how God is reaching out to the Muslim world. The last door has opened to the preaching of the gospel. I believe that after the witness to the Muslim world is complete, the end will come. The end will be marked by a great war that will destroy the Babylonian system, the system that now rules the world. After that the Kingdom of God will be set up by Jesus Christ on his return. We await that day with anticipation.

Editor’s Comments: Once it was remarked that our correspondent Rob MacDormand has great insight into so much of God’s plan. I could only agree but had to follow up with telling my friend that Rob was truly blessed to have had a mother who was so steeped in the Israel Truth message that she could open up avenues of remarkable thought. I telephoned her occasionally and found her so eager to help me understand difficult passages of the Bible. For many years she was a member of the British-Israel-World Federation in Toronto, in fact, I understand she penned articles on health for The Prophetic Expositor for a short time. Well, Dorthea MacDormand passed away peacefully at age 93 on July 14th, 2011. Her work is complete but isn’t it remarkable that her son, Rob, continues to carry on with the inspiration she instilled in him. Thank you, Dorthea.