Dr. Richard Schulze, one of the foremost authorities on natural healing, has this to say about the state of our medical system, “Over 200 years ago Ben Rush, who signed the Constitution of The United States, warned that we needed to include a medical freedom clause in the Constitution.” He said if we didn’t it was likely that one group of doctors would monopolize healthcare by passing legislation to outlaw other types of doctors and systems of medicine. This is exactly what happened.

Over the last 80 years, organized medical groups and pharmaceutical companies, using lawyers, bribes, lobbyists, insurance companies and the strong arm of the Food and Drug Administration, have been very busy. They have corrupted elected officials to pass laws to remove any competition. They have crushed Natural Doctors, Natural Medicine and Self Care. Their goal is to monopolize health care and make us dependent on medical doctors and pharmaceutical drugs. It almost worked!

We have watched them pass more and more laws restricting our rights, they have made many healing herbs, foods and even nutrients illegal. Natural health professionals that flourished a few decades ago are now barred by law to practice, and Natural Doctors, Holistic Healers, Health Food Store Owners and even family members of the sick have been arrested and jailed for using natural remedies. If you disagree with your doctor regarding the medical treatment of your children, they can be taken away from you, put in a foster home, and you can be arrested for endangering the health and welfare of your child. There are many people jailed every year, put there for disagreeing with medical doctors and their policies. Organized medical crime has gone so far, they have outlawed words for other health professionals to use such as “diagnose” and “cure”. Just by using these words you can be arrested for practicing medicine without a license.”
In past articles I have written about alternative treatments for cancer and other degenerative diseases, along with the hardships suffered by the people behind these cures. Rene Caisse, the nurse who used Essiac to cure people of cancer from all across North America for several decades, was harassed her entire lifetime by medical authorities and government officials. She once said, “I have lost count of the number of times I have been threatened with arrest and imprisonment for treating patients with Essiac.” Harry Hoxsey is another. At the height of Mr. Hoxsey’s career in the 1950s, he had cancer clinics throughout 17 states in the U.S. Using an herbal treatment that had been created by his great grandfather, and bearing the Hoxsey name, he claims to have helped thousands of cancer patients with this all natural treatment. How did the medical establishment reward him? He had the dubious distinction of being arrested more times than anybody else in medical history.

In a more perfect world, people like Rene Caisse and Harry Hoxsey should have been deeply rewarded, perhaps have hospitals named after them, rather than treated like criminals.
Here are some more recent stories that should leave you frustrated, scratching your head, and wondering how we ever let the medical system get to the state it is in:

According to the www.naturalnews.com website, on March 10, 2012, “NaturalNews can now report that 65-year-old senior citizen James Stewart, a raw milk farmer with no criminal history, was nearly tortured to death in the LA County jail this past week.  He survived a “week of torturous Hell” at the hands of LA County jail keepers who subjected him to starvation, sleep deprivation, hypothermia, loss of blood circulation to extremities, verbal intimidation, involuntary medical testing and even subjected him to over 30 hours of raw biological sewage filth containing dangerous pathogens. This is from a county that has targeted and terrorized James Stewart for the supposed crime of selling fresh milk containing “dangerous pathogens.” That’s right – the only “crime” James has ever committed is being the milk man and distributing milk that is openly and honestly kept fresh and raw instead of pasteurized. So as part of his punishment of advocating raw cow’s milk, he was tortured with raw human sewage at the LA County jail.”

On March 16, 2012, the www.wnd.com website (World Net Daily) reports, “In what is being seen as a preview of a fully implemented Obamacare, government officials in Michigan are demanding that a 9-year-old child follow standard procedure and take a dangerous course of cancer medications that can cause additional cancer – even though the boy has had three scans indicating an absence of the disease [over the last year].  …. If they succeed they will force Jacob to resume chemotherapy despite the fact that the drugs in question [ifosfamide, etoposide and doxorubicin] are not FDA approved (either for children in general or for this particular cancer). Moreover, these drugs do not promise anything close to a guaranteed cure. Further, the treatment demanded by the state, which insisted that prosecutors bring a medical neglect case against the parents, is not guaranteed to help and not even guaranteed to be safe.”

And a health and wellness website at www.dianew.hubpages.com had this information on silencing cherry farmers. “Cherries have been proven to be the most powerful fruit in the world as a medicine for eliminating gout and reducing inflammation and pain in arthritis. They are so powerful in fact that the FDA in America tried to muzzle cherry growers, trying to prevent them from linking cherries to arthritis care. They are cherries! How can the FDA ban natural arthritis cures? It has been reported (but not confirmed) that the FDA has tried to stop cherry growers from distributing information on the health benefits of cherries. What is confirmed, however, is that the FDA sent letters to cherry marketing companies, threatening them with legal action. They were told they should remove scientific information from their websites, describing health benefits of the natural medicine found in cherries. They claimed that when cherry growers give out scientific information on health benefits, such as anthocyanins (found in cherries) which reduce inflammation, they are declaring cherries to be drugs. Therefore, if cherries are drugs, they need FDA approval to be sold in the USA.”

Isaiah prophesied in the Old Testament of a time when man’s morals and values would be amiss:  “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20) Is there any greater example than our medical establishment today?