Perhaps the most helpful verse in the Bible on this subject — the health of a Christian’s mind — is “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee.” (Isaiah 26:3).

We may not be as interested in perfect peace as we are in protection and prosperity.

Both meanings are legitimate, in this connection.

Reliance and trust we understand. Whatever our age, we know we can depend upon certain people, and that is good. If we have lost faith in others, we learn to discriminate between the worthy and the unworthy, and most important, we learn that God our Father never fails His children. Our cry to Him is heard and answered; perhaps the answer is, “Yes”, or it is, “No”, or it may be, “Not Yet.” Our request for guidance is answered, it often seems miraculously. Doors open, or shut, and our way is clear.

We must be sure that we are willing to give up our own wishes, if necessary. When we are, we are often surprised at the happy outcome.

Our minds must be steadfast, sure of true values; that is, they should not necessarily follow the popular trend of thought, or be changed for no good reason. Whatever we change, in style or behaviour, should be, not only according to common sense and our enjoyment, but always according to those principles and standards we have set for ourselves. These standards we want to raise as we become mature, and begin to experience God’s Wisdom as He directs our way, and His Love as He protects us from sin and danger.

Not a day should begin without prayer for guidance and protection; not a day should end without a heart­felt thanks to our Father, as we say, “I will lay me down in peace and take my rest, for it is Thou, Lord, only, that makest me dwell in safety.” (Psalm 4:9).

Only those whose minds are stayed on the Lord can lie down in peace and take their rest. They believe in their Rock of Defence, Who alone can make them dwell in safety. No pills or tranquilizers are necessary. Warm milk and honey may help, but it is good food for the mind that is essential. Verses or even one verse from a psalm may be all that is needed, as long as the verse is for “the godly man, the righteous, the true hearted, those of a contrite heart and humble spirit.” Psalm 91 can bless us especially.

The healthy mind dwells on good thoughts if it is to be “stayed” on God. This is a very happy situation — to be “stayed” and supported by the Giver of all good.

Wherever we may have to go in life, whatever we may have to do, we shall be absolutely certain of guidance and protection. More than that, we may expect success whenever our words or actions are in accordance with God’s Will.

The healthy mind is a happy mind. It is not concerned with failure, disappointments, or adverse criticism.

It is in direct communication with the Lord Jesus Christ; that Open Line must be kept unclogged. The Lord is never too busy to listen or to answer. Never need we be mentally frustrated.

It is a glorious truth, our God is Triune, One God in Three Persons, a mystery we cannot explain. Yet we can and do believe that when we feel as a child, we have a Father to love us, to hold us firmly in perfect security; when we are tempted or in danger and our humanity betrays us, we have a Saviour Who was tempted in all points as we are, yet without sin and Whose perfect human nature which He took for our sakes understands and helps.

Further, we believe that God the Holy Spirit inspires us, breathes upon us with power and needed gifts. He may give us advice, or courage, or warning. He gives us a feeling of security. He blesses us with happiness as we use His gifts.

He gave His Israel people the promise of still greater gifts, and will require an accounting of stewardship. The individual Christian needs to assess his own God-given talents. When he does his best to improve these, and to use them to God’s glory, his mind is at peace, it is in a splendidly healthy condition. He sees his body as a gift, meant to be the temple of God. He obeys the laws of health.

His motto can be: “Mens Sana, In Corpore Sano.” A healthy mind in a healthy body.