What is truth? Truth is having the undeniable and unaltered facts in any and all situations, whether in our everyday life and its events or in our spiritual life and things contained in our Bible. For if we do not have all the facts we cannot come to a satisfactory conclusion and will in fact live a lie, and thus our actions at such a time will be controlled by deception.

In the secular world that we live in today truth has become a very scarce commodity. Take for instance the news that we hear on the TV. If there is an event of some importance going on, this event will be dissected and analyzed by the various commentators and their pundits, until, at the end, all is watered down and altered to fit the politically correct agenda, and if the viewer is not discernable enough to read between the lines, he or she will be left with a conception of the event that is somewhere out in left field. The truth has been altered and the public is fed a deception. The sad fact is that the same is happening to a lot of factual truths contained in Scripture. Theological debates and personal opinions have in fact distorted Biblical truths to the point where a large part of churchianity goes through life under the influence of a deception. If believers would only use some common sense and let God’s Word explain itself we would really do away with most, if not all confusion. So let’s look at some deceptions and see if we can find the truth.


All people of all races and color come from Adam and Eve.


When we read the creation story in Genesis 1 we read that God created all creatures, both male and female, yet in Genesis 2 we find the beginning of Adam. Adam was created alone, and could not find help fit for him (Gen. 2:20) and thus God formed Eve from one of Adam’s ribs. This bears out the difference in the creation process of Gen. 1 and Gen 2. Furthermore, when Cain was banished by God for killing Abel, he found himself a wife and had a son. Where did Cain find a wife, seeing that Adam and Eve had not yet had Seth? Why was Cain afraid of being killed if there had not been other folk around? The fact is that the people created in Gen. 1 had already been around for quite a while and would have become quite a few in number. The truth is that man as created in Gen. 1 constitutes all the different races in distinction to Adam, who through Seth, Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the progenitor of the people of Israel and no one else. The fact that Cain built a city is further proof of a multiplicity of people, for one man and his wife would have had no need of a city, but a multitude would. So rest assured, the truth is that Adam is the progenitor of only one race of people, the Caucasian peoples.

Abraham walked with God. In faith Abraham followed all that God commanded him, and as a reward for his faith, God promised father Abraham that he would become a father of many nations. Even though Abraham had eight sons God told him that in Isaac would his seed be called (Gen. 21:12), and thus we find Abraham’s progeny to be the millions of Israelites that lived in Palestine during the early Kingdom era. Through their apostasy and idolatry those Israelites, save for those living in Jerusalem, were deported to a foreign land, and although alluded to, never to be heard from in the Biblical narrative again, and thus they were relegated to the virtual dust bin of history. Yet we find a plethora of prophetic statements in the prophets, both major and minor, telling us that God will never abandon His elect people and that He will restore Israel to its intended position, namely as His servant nation. According to the Old Testament narrative, a future restoration, and that future restoration is now. That future restoration is the New Covenant founded in the blood of Christ.


Mainstream churchianity holds that all that is left of Israel is found in Jewry and the rest is a spiritual Israel which constitutes the Church. This view is predominant in the multicultural, multiracial, multinational churches as a way to circumvent and rationalize the Israel question.


God made a Covenant with Israel at Mt. Sinai. That Covenant was, in a modified form, renewed at Mt. Calvary. In the interim, between these two Covenants, Israel repeatedly strayed from their God, until at last, through their apostasy and gross idolatry, God banned them from their land to which they were never to return. This event set in motion the movement that would accomplish the prophecy of Nathan made to David, as found in 2Sam. 7:10. This became a migration that through the centuries found Israel moving to that appointed place, where they finally settled in the isles of the sea, England, and north west Europe and also finally in North America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. In Jer. 31:35-36 we read that the Lord God declared that as long as the sun and the moon, and the stars remain in their orbits God would not cause the seed of Israel (that is us today), to cease being a people or nation unto Him. So, unless the churches are willing to call God a liar they will have to admit that the people of Israel still exist.

O, what a glorious truth, yes, Israel is still a chosen people unto our God, re-gathered and restored under the umbrella of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not in Jewry, which denied the Christ, both then and now, but those people who embraced the Holy Bible as their mainstay and only lifeline to an unchanging and Holy God.

O, that the deceptions may pass from God’s people and that the whole truth may finally be known, for it is high time that the Israel of God steps forward and take its rightful and appointed place in this confused world.

“Yet the children of Israel shall be like the sand of the sea, which cannot be numbered; and it shall come to pass that, in the place where it was said unto them, ye are not my people, there it shall be said unto them, ye are the sons of the living God.” (Hos. 1:10)

“And I will sow her unto me in the earth; and I will have mercy upon her that had not obtained mercy; and I will say to them who were not my people, thou art my people; and they shall say, thou art my God.” (Hos. 2:23)

He who has an ear let him hear, and let the truth reign supreme.