FOR QUITE A NUMBER OF YEARS it has been our policy and duty to impress upon British Israelites, that they indeed are a peculiar people, separated from others in the Christian Walk by a great gulf.

The Israel Identity movement and the Anglo-Israel theory (now proven by history) have separated us from the various other departments of Christendom and consequently we are labelled by others as peculiar. We believe the Bible to be the Ever-living Word of God, we believe that modern Anglo-Saxondom racially are Israel (in contra-distinction to the Jews). Among other things we believe and teach that Jesus Christ is coming to His people in the not too distant future. “And the Lord God shall give unto Him the throne of His forefather David, and He shall rule over the House of Jacob forever and of His Kingdom there shall be no end.”

We have a mission to perform. We are the Watchmen of Israel and as such our active duty above all else is to alert the Anglo-Saxon Races and peoples to the fact of their Great Destiny as a people in God’s purposes, and to impress upon them that we (and not the Jews or the Church) are the true Israel of God.

For “In Isaac shall thy seed be called”.