by Albert W. Jones
Former President BIWF- Melbourne, Australia

Fear is the enemy of faithFear is the enemy of faith; it is the companion of darkness and despair; it will not keep company with hope; it sets the stage for failure; it is a malignancy of mind and spirit, a killer and destroyer of men, and as all of its victims have discovered, peace will not dwell with fear, and a generation that has had reason to have its fears multiplied would do well to remind itself that fear is crowded out only by something that is stronger and firmer than fear. Fear cannot long sustain itself where there is a firm faith; faith in the future; faith in God; faith in the ultimate accomplishment of His purposes; faith in eventual justice and faith in the fact that wrongs shall be righted and that truth will triumph. We need and must have faith against fear; faith to pursue our purposes; faith to keep fear from impairing our effectiveness.

A Christian has a double duty. To himself to obtain a fuller knowledge of God’s plan as revealed in the Word of God, to build faith through knowledge which casts out fear. To others to give a reassuring word in these difficult times. For “When these things begin to come to pass, look up, for your redemption draweth nigh,” — the Second Coming of Our Lord in power and great glory! God’s Israel (Britain and kindred nations) has a great part to play, for so much depends on repentance and a turning to God. We cling to institutions set up by man to promote world peace; they are doomed to failure, for God says so. What a day when Israel alone with her God “will stand and see His Salvation,” for the God of Israel says, “Be still and know that I am God.” Let fear be banished.