The Love of ChristGod demonstrated His greatest loving Wisdom in all its power and universality in the giving of His Beloved Royal Son (John 3:16). This Love is beyond the power of the highest created intelligence in the Universe. The wonder of God’s Love lies in the fact that until Christ can be separated from that Love neither can we, who are now ‘In Christ.’

The love of Christ is said to pass all knowledge (Eph. 3:19). The more we think of this, the more we come to see the truth of such a statement. The Son insisted many times that ‘He was sent by the Father’, so the question ‘What think ye of Christ?’ is still a matter of supreme importance for Christians today! Well, what do you think of Christ? Sadly, it is the fashion in many places to use sentimental language of God’s Royal Sovereign Son that none would dare to use of, or in the presence of, Her Majesty The Queen! We have lost all sense of just Who the Biblical Christ really is, and what He came to accomplish. The sad truth is, the Biblical Christ is a Stranger in the midst of most today. [slightly abridged]