Help Wanted - Nation is in need of Great Statesman—one like Abraham Lincoln born in this month on February 12th, 1809Help Wanted – Nation is in need of Great Statesman—one like Abraham Lincoln born in this month on February 12th, 1809

Have we reached that point on God’s Calendar where the Great Apostasy has almost run its course? Have our God-directed responsibilities of being Fishers, Hunters and Watchman ever been more critical?

Have we shut our eyes to the growing Islamic terrorist threat in our Israel nations? Has the recent Paris incident at least given us pause to think about a possible looming disaster?

Have we Christian Israelites all but given up on our God and turned our backs on the daily denigration of our faith and of our Christ?

Have we witnessed Churchdom giving up, simply going along with the apostasy rather than standing up for the faith, like a Latimer, a Wesley or a Cranmer?

Have we permitted the stranger who God warned would get above us very high to change the very fabric of our western nations through third world immigration of non-Christians, the bondage of debt and the curbing of freedoms?

Have we any idea of the intensity of the storm that is ready to erupt?

It is sad to look back over the past half-century and see how far we have fallen and how dramatically our Israel nations have changed. We in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, seem a little more blessed because our fall, although severe, has not been as deep as Ephraim Britain and Manasseh America.

Take America for instance. Their citizens might reflect on the promise of their 1976 Bicentennial celebrations and fondly recall the esteem their nation held throughout the world, the extent of their vast wealth and their own basically happy their and prosperous lives. Yet, almost to reflect John 6:7, “Two hundred pennyworth of bread is NOT SUFFICIENT for them”, the 200th birthday of America also smacked of insufficiency as the rot was already setting in. Three years earlier, then President Nixon oversaw the disconnection of gold to currency and along with the corporate world’s push for oil price increases, the massive transfer of wealth began that robbed the middle class, created poverty on a grand scale and propelled America’s status from the greatest creditor nation in the world to the greatest debtor nation. Is it any wonder why it became imperative that both spouses work to keep the household going? The Bible tells us that “the borrower is servant to the lender.” So the nation, children without parental supervision, and overworked spouses lost the will to stop the stampeding excesses, as Christian denigration and promotion of evil values were perpetrated upon them by outside forces. Then came 911 and no matter what your view as to the cause, it very likely represented a dual fulfillment of Amos 1:1, that is, a two year warning of judgment, and the Iraq mess, which was initiated in 2003, certainly qualifies as judgment, particularly when you consider what is taking place in the entire Mid-East area now and the great loss of life and upheaval in the lives of the tens of thousands of young men and women maimed for life. 911 affected all Israel nations but no nation more so than America where the harvest period of the Esau Dominion began its final stage, much to our detriment.

Churchill: I have a feeling that we have a guardian because we have a great cause, and we shall have that Guardian so long as we serve that cause faithfully. And what a cause it is.Churchill: “I have a feeling that we have a guardian because we have a great cause, and we shall have that Guardian so long as we serve that cause faithfully. And what a cause it is”. The British have not fared much better. A half-century ago they were still a powerful commonwealth of nations but today the Falkland Islands is their largest possession and they are losing their nation to a group of internationalists determined to merge it further into the EU. And like the Americans, they too got immersed in the Iraq war and have seen the hatred grow toward them from peoples around the world. Sadly, whether in America, Britain, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, Israelites are no longer masters of their own destinies and can only watch as their freedoms are eroded, their wealth confiscated, their jobs exported and their futures bleak.

Ironically, as one looks at the situation from a fifty year perspective, it is easy to see that as Christian values and a love of Jesus Christ declined, so did the greatness of all the Israel nations.

Many times in the past, I have pointed to prophecies which seem to culminate after 2001; but perhaps the next two years are years to watch carefully as the pangs of judgement may be the most severe. Yet, if this so, then the prophet Isaiah’s admonition that we keep alert is critical. As I reflect on what might happen, I am reminded of Luke 12: 48. Quoting from the Knox version of the Bible, “…Much will be asked of the man to whom much has been given; more will be expected of him, because he was entrusted with more.” Well, because we have had our sight restored and know the Israel Truth, God expects much more from us. We must not get disheartened because the seeds we sow do not produce results. The important thing is that we continue to spread the truth, along with the Gospel of the Kingdom, to our brethren because one day soon, the Light will come back into the world.

The late Richmond Stuart wrote a great book, “The Reformation of Israel in the West.” He was one of the great Bible scholars in this movement and his book highlighted the three distinct phases by which men and women, called and led by the Holy Spirit of God, have proclaimed the truth. I really liked the way he ended his book, he wrote, “Each passing day will disclose its own significance until the darkness is at last dispelled by the dawning of the new day …..” We will certainly welcome that day.