From Toronto: Dear Pastor Campbell: I recall a message you delivered many years ago wherein you discussed Ezekiel 38:4, specifically the turning back of Russia. In view of what is taking place in the world today, can you add to it?

Thanks Toronto: Yes, I can add to my comments but let’s first review the entire verse, “And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army ……” The “turn thee back”, of course, took place in the late 1980’s when Russia lost her satellite countries. But in looking ahead, it must be recognized that there will be other nations involved as it moves ahead, the following two verses set out all those countries who will be allied with Gog (Russia) and subsequent verses describe the invasion on the land of Palestine.

Then comes a frightening revelation. Verse 10 depicts a Gog who will have an evil thought. And what an evil thought! Because in verse 11 we see a Gog who will come up to the land of unwalled villages and if you recall my message, this refers to up over the North Pole and down upon North America. For what! Verse 12 makes this very clear, “To take a spoil!”

But, what would possess Russia to take such a chance of invading our Israel lands, particularly coming up against our massive military might? Perhaps success in the Palestine campaign and inflicting great damage to our military in the area? Or desperation, perhaps! Maybe the threat of internal conflict in their nation! Or because of all the other hot spots Britain and America are engaged in, which are sapping their strength! Could it be a combination together with the West’s seemingly weak stance on world matters?

Russian economy has depended greatly on oil and with the collapsed pricesThe real question we must ask is “Could the invasion be closer than anyone expects”? I personally think yes! Look, the Russian economy has depended greatly on oil and with the collapsed prices ($50.00 a barrel as at the date of this article versus the $100.00 of a couple of months ago) the ruble has collapsed, along with the economy. Add to this the threat of the western alliance with factions within the Ukraine and their application for membership in NATO. This is not only provocative to Russia but it could result in troops on their very borders. Russian Premier Putin is not a shrinking violet and that could be bad news for the west, especially if he begins to lose favour amongst his people because of economic conditions.

It’s amazing that Russia has found itself in such a weakened state is such a very short time. I think it was Roosevelt who exclaimed, “Nothing happens by accident, if it happens, it was planned that way”. So we have to speculate that the boycott by western nations against Russia, along with the dramatic fall of oil prices, have been designed to bring the Bear to its knees. And heaven forbid, to bring on a war to rescue the economies of the west who are awash in debt. Finally, there could well be another reason. There is now a concentrated final push for one world control and those leading the push can’t let any country exist outside this group. Putin’s actions have demonstrated he will not play this game and so, the one world group is applying dangerous means. If the Bear reacts, it promises to be earth shattering. Will it happen? Perhaps some last minute solution will arise to quell the present dilemma, but, at some point it will, the Bible tells us so. Still, when it does, Israelites everywhere will drop to their knees and recite the prayer of Hosea 6:1, “Come, and let us return unto the LORD …”. Then, as He promised, He will come to our rescue.

As an aside, W.A. Halliwell, in his book “Land of the Unwalled Villages” refers to the competition for resources in the Arctic Circle and a column in the Daily Mail reported that Putin was claiming the North Pole and the surrounding Arctic belongs to Russia, the oil, gas and diamonds being the big prize. A high level commander at the alliance even warned that the competition could ultimately provoke war between Russia and NATO. Things are heating up.

Stay tuned!

From Alberta: I have a neighbour who is a follower of the Jehovah Witnesses and is constantly preaching to me and trying to pass out his pamphlets. The way he preaches makes me even wonder if he is a Christian and also, whether he leads other people astray. What do you think?

Thanks Alberta: The Bible warns us in many places to beware of false prophets. And over and over the leaders of this sect has prophesied falsely. It was formed in 1872-74 by Charles Russell, who predicted that the world would end in 1874, then 1879, then 1914 and subsequent leaders shared world-ending dates as well. They even build a huge mansion in the early 1920’s for their prophecy that Abraham and others would return in 1925. When, of course, it didn’t happen the then leader, Judge James Rutherford, claimed it as his residence and he enjoyed an opulent lifestyle. My heart goes out to the millions of the devoted followers of Jehovah Witnesses who are so blinded they will not even consider truth.

Is it Christian? Before answering this, I am reminded of an article in this magazine sometime ago where it was suggested that approximately 1820 AD signalled the falling away prophesied by the Apostle Paul, the end of 6,000 lunar years and the beginning of the Church of Laodicea. If this is so, then anything that changed the doctrine of our faith from that moment on has to be suspect. Among others, this would include the Mormon religion, Seven Day Adventists, Jehovah Witnesses, Judeo-Christian, and the new reality preached in our churches today. The Apostle Paul new this, he counselled not to give such people the opportunity to spread their blasphemy. In 2 Corinthians 11:4 he said, “For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached …… or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him”. Well, there are millions in the Jehovah Witnesses that have succumbed to false doctrine, but worse, are preaching and teaching it to others. They just don’t appreciate Paul’s admonition in Galatians 1:9, “….. If any man preach any other gospel unto you than ye have received, let him be accursed”.

First and foremost, it is not Christian. There is a little common ground, like the Kingdom of God coming here on earth, but remember, the Devil gives touches of truth to persuade people. Still, examine just the following:

  • They deny the deity of Christ.
  • They deny His physical resurrection.
  • They deny Salvation by Grace.
  • They deny the Trinity.
  • They altered the Bible to make it agree with their non-Christian teaching.
  • They adding to the Word of God.

Let me conclude by mentioning just two of the things that the LORD hates, as outlined in Proverbs 6:16-19. The first is a lying tongue. The second is similar, “A false witness that speaks lies. Both reflect the Jehovah Witnesses’ organization, but it is also true for those blind adherents who weekly have to knock on doors looking for converts.

Judge James Rutherford<br width= He lived an opulent lifestyle” />Judge James Rutherford He lived an opulent lifestyleEditor: In true fashion Pastor Campbell’s heart goes out to those who were searching for answers and got caught up in the false doctrine of this organization. I know such a person and she is everything God would want, caring of others, follows His Commandments to the best of her ability, studies nightly and thinks her teaching of Jehovah Witnesses doctrine is a calling from God. Yet, she is lost and nothing I have tried seems to encourage her to read a more acceptable version of the Bible or consider repentance by accepting Jesus Christ as the Almighty God. Somehow, I pray that one day soon, Jesus will touch her on the shoulder and say, Come to me, my child”.

I heard from a lady in California who is a former Jehovah Witness. She recalls the day a couple came to her door and she listened. She was searching for the truth at the time and had been praying to God to show her. She also prayed that all answers had to be from the Bible. The couple referred her to many scriptures [from their altered Bible] and she stated that the teaching was very convincing. She became an adherent. Yet after a few years of what she thought was serving God through Bible studies, attending meetings, taking care of people in the congregation and attracting potential believers, she began to question whether she could meet God’s requirements. But worse, she began to notice changes in herself, from her former friendly and kind disposition to becoming very self-righteous and judgmental and she hated herself for this. She mentioned that Jehovah Witnesses always claim they are the only people and true religion that will be saved. The rest of other people and religions will be destroyed. She began to question God’s conditional love if that was to be the case. Thinking on this, she said she could not feel God’s love! She added, “I am a true Christian now and back to my old self”.

Her advice to other Jehovah Witnesses questioning the path they chose, “Leaving will take a lot of courage and determination but God’s loving help will be there to guide those who really seek the right direction”. She does miss her former friends a great deal though.