“Thy Kingdom Come,” which is mailed to our members on a regular monthly basis throughout the year. This journal contains articles on Biblical, historical, and current events, as well as information pertinent to our membership. We invite you to join the growing list of subscribers to keep informed on the latest in Biblical thought from a British-Israel perspective. Click Here and send us your name and address if you would like to be on our mailing list for Thy Kingdom Come. Our association is funded entirely through donations, but the magazine is our gift to you.

Each issue normally begins with an editorial which correlates current national and world events with the pages of Scripture. In this way our message becomes ever more relevant in a confused and befuddled world heading headlong toward the crises prophetically forewarned in God’s Word. Yet, as we know so well, the church world as a whole seems oblivious to the connection between prophecy and our present day plight. To quote an article from our archives, “Only a fool could miss all the signs the Lord Jesus Christ described when He told us what the world would be like just before His Return.” Yet the Bible remains a mystery to so many, and so few understand it. The Book of Revelation in particular requires helpful scholarship to “rightly divide” its teaching, and the article points out, “…the Apostle John was the greatest mystery writer of all time.” Let us help clear up the mystery!

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