Our Lord tells us that “While men slept, the enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat” (Matthew 13:25). Just be­fore the turn of the century the enemy started to intensify his campaign against the Israel of God. We were well on our way to becoming the Nation and the Company of Nations that God promised Jacob-Israel. Our pioneering work was almost accomplished, the frontiers of the wilderness were taken and won; the great missionary century was finished wherein the gospel had been taken to nearly every country in the world; and it now was our work to develop and become strong Christian nations that we would become God’s witnesses on the earth.

In 1895 the bleaching of our flour began and along with the theory of modernizers, attacking the Scriptures infiltrated our Theological colleges. As the insidious tearing down of the truth of the Scriptures began, the taking away of the strength and health of the people began. By the time of the Second World War the health of the young men had degenerated considerably as compared with that of the First World War.

As the money powers slowly took over the many phases of our existence, we have degenerated, or fallen asleep as it were. So called medical miracles have happened to a degree, but the number of new diseases especially in the degenerative class has increased considerably every year. We now have many of the plagues of Babylon–cancer, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, polio and a myriad of others caused from the hidden hungers of our cells and bodies by malnutrition.

Our Supermarkets are fast becoming the mausoleums of dead foods. (Courtesy The Way of Life published BIWF, Toronto)