Although, as Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary Army, George Washington lost more battles than he won, he never gave up. Even during the dark and hopeless days of the starvation, winter of 1777, when he and his army suffered great hardships in their Valley Forge quarters, Washington did not countenance ultimate defeat.

He was a man of prayer! God sustained him! It is believed that it was at Valley Forge that he witnessed his famous vision. He knew by the vision that the Republic would be firmly established. He also foresaw the Civil War when “the inhabitants presently set themselves in battle array against each other.”

The revealing angel pointed down through the corridors of time to the present troublous days, the end of which comes with the appearance of a great heavenly light. — “When the voice had ceased the dark shadowy angel placed his trumpet once more to his mouth and blew a long and fearful blast. Instantly a light as a thousand suns shone down from above me, and pierced and broke into fragments the dark cloud which enveloped America. At the same moment the angel upon whose head still shone the word “Union,” and who bore our national flag in one hand and a sword in the other, descended from heaven attended by legions of bright spirits. These immediately joined the inhabitants of America, who I perceived, were well-nigh overcome but who, immediately taking courage again, closed up their broken ranks and renewed the battle.”

Might we not exemplify the humility and faith of George Washington and find strength in God through prayer?

Remember George Washington as the clouds now growing so dark over the whole of western civilization continue to gather and become more ominous day by day — and pray! Pray for Christ’s ‘return, for He alone can save us from the clutches of His archenemy, Satan, the tempter, the destroyer, the author of war and death.