Editor’s Comments: In June the lead-off article said of King George VI, “his most lingering quality was in the inspiration he gave to the British people during the terrible World War 2”. In past articles his call for a day of prayer before D-Day was mentioned but there was an earlier one, this on May 26th, 1940 when hundreds of thousands of British and allied troops were pinned down on the beaches of Dunkirk. We were reminded of that event and apologize we made no mention of this wondrous intervention of God in our May issue.

“Every day I thank God we did our duty.” So said Private Bert Evans when he was rescued from Dunkirk. He was among the other soldiers holding sway when the German forces were pounding trapped forces at Dunkirk in 1940, pinned down along the rugged seashore amidst the cold, the rain, the terrible smell of dead comrades, blood soaked soil and fierce German fire power. The cold, cloudy weather had showed no sign of letting up so rescuers could get through and it seemed that death or incarceration were the only two options for hundreds of thousands of valiant soldiers. Admiral Sir William James later was to exclaim, “Thank God for the Miracle of Dunkirk”. Because a miracle indeed did take place because nine days of calm weather came upon the English Channel, a calm unprecedented in the Channel’s history, and beginning on May 27th, nearly 340,000 allied soldiers, mostly British, were rescued as military and small ships and boats made their way back and forth across the English Channel.

Now, here is something amazing that we should never, ever forget. The Lord God Almighty performed this miracle for us, in the same way as He came to the aid of Joshua many centuries before when it was written, “The Lord fought for Israel”. (Joshua 10:14) Look what happened just one day before the rescue began, compliments of our good friend, Michael Clark, President of British-Israel-World Federation.

He wrote, “Today is 74 years or 888 months (renewal/restoration) from May 26 1940 when King George VI called a National Day of Prayer for Britain and the Empire to commit their cause to God. Together with members of the Cabinet the King attended Westminster Abbey. A long line of people queued to attend while millions in all parts of the Commonwealth and Empire flocked to the churches to join in prayer.

The Daily Sketch the following morning exclaimed that “Nothing like it has ever happened before.”

Shortly after 335,000 men were delivered “out of the jaws of death” at Dunkirk and on June 4 1940, Mr. Churchill referred to “a miracle of deliverance.” Sunday June 9 1940 was appointed as a National Day of Thanksgiving”.

Mr. Clark then made this observation, “May we not even now be witness to those prayers of 1940 being remembered and answered again today as the sea change in our political scene is making the most significant political change since 1910? The General Election period of May-June 2015 will be 105 years since 1910 – 105 is 1/24th of 2520, or a double period of government (12) linked to the duration of our chastisement number. Is our time of chastisement and bondage in Europe coming to an end?” Let’s hope.

We were very fortunate to have had Scotland’s David McClure speak to us a few years back and I still recall his parting remarks, “We, who are gathered here today, all know the dreadful state the [True] Israel nations are in and that the reason for this is our sin and rebellion against God, because, once again, we are doing things our way. [True] Israel has destroyed herself both physically and spiritually; we are heading fast to national death. Has God had enough of us? He would certainly be entirely justified in turning His back on us forever.” Mr. McClure ended by prophesying that “despite our sin and folly, this world will yet behold a miracle of miracles.”

We’ve probably never sunk so low in apostasy since those days just before the Assyrian captivity. Fortunately, in those days in 1940, God was still in the hearts and minds of most Israelites so when they prayed for God’s help, He answered quickly. He’s been there so often in modern times, like the First World War miracles of the Angels of Mons and the White Cavalry of Bethune or the Second World War miracles of Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain and the successful D-Day invasion. Will He again come to our aid as we slip further into our national suicide. It will take a massive calamity to get us to pray to the one true God but when we do, and we will, He has promised to intervene.

Let us end this tribute to our wonderful God by noting a personal memory of that long ago Day of National Prayer for Britain and the Empire on May 26th, 1940 from Ann-Marie Parker, MBE. She wrote, “My Father was in a reserve occupation and home on leave from servicing American bombers. He took the family to a village church, as the huge parish church in Hertford was already filling up, as was the surrounding churchyard. I was eight at the time and my father [knowledgeable about the Israel Truth] said only the monarch could call for such a service and I must remember it. I always have; especially [as] I felt the intensity of the hundreds of people all walking very quietly to many churches and the fervour in the service …”

You know, readers, I guess the longer we study the Word of God in light of the Israel Truth the more we can understand King Solomon’s lament, “For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow”, (Ecclesiastics 1:18) because it is so sad to see our brothers and sisters moving further away from the Lord Jesus Christ. We must pray fervently for them, and for our Israel nations, that somehow we are going to find our way back and throw off the shackles of the bondage and the apostasy. Yet, we know we cannot do it alone and must rely on the Lord’s assurance that, “… the things which are impossible with men are possible with God”. (Luke 18:27)