The World and I have something very much in common. We are both in a very fragile state.

As for me, in recent weeks I have come through a grave illness and have many months of homebound convalescence ahead of me. Still, it is not all distressing because it has given me time for reflecting on world events and how they seem to fit into God’s glorious plan. And so, for the first time since stepping away from my television program and messages to groups around Northern Ireland, I will share some thoughts on the world’s even more fragile state.

It is not a pretty picture. The prophet Joel talked about an assembly of nations and I can’t help but think we are beginning to see the dual fulfillment of his prophecy, as the gathering of nations that are prophesied to come against True Israel are moving closer together. Maybe some of the things we have done over the past few years have generated a great deal of hatred toward us. Genesis 49:23 forecast this of Joseph, “The archers …. And hated him”. Look what we have done to ourselves. We spent hundreds of billions of dollars on the Iraq conflict, many thousands of maimed and dead soldiers, but what did we gain? Billions more on Afghanistan, thousands more lives lost or maimed and as we begin the exodus of our forces, we have to say, “What has been gained”, for, as many predict, the Taliban is simply biding their time.

Libya! A regime change but nothing changed. Benghazi! An attack on America, but without response. And because of this, a loss of prestige for America and a growing concern around the world that America, Britain too, have lost the image of strength. This has emboldened those the Bible says will be in that assembly of nations.

Then, Syria! A determined call, mainly from America, for a regime change and a support for rebels, notwithstanding the terrorist element in their numbers and the fact that a huge percentage of them are not Syrians. Yet, President Obama went so far as to draw his red line. But, Russia intervened with a hard line of their own and the red line was erased. More prestige lost, more loss of respect. What wasn’t mentioned to any extent is the fact that a regime change might endanger Russia’s naval base on the coast of Syria and thus their hard line. They emerged victorious while America had to contend themselves with the partial victory of destruction of chemical weapons. But what of Syrians themselves! It is sad to think there are four million Syrian refugees in surrounding countries, which is more than even Afghanistan experienced. Assad is certainly not perfect but he was a secular ruler in a secular country. If the rebels ever come to power, the freedom of religion will pass to Sharia Law, not allowed at this time. Perhaps Assad’s greatest crime in some eyes is that he wouldn’t be a part of a one world government.

Space doesn’t permit me to mention Iran, Egypt, South African nations or other areas of the world where America and Britain have become entangled and came away with very little. But now another conflict is rearing its head and threatens to become the spark that could ignite disaster. The Ukraine! A basically bankrupt country of two parts, the western side seeking closer ties with the EU and memories of years gone by when Russia’s Stalin starved millions of them to the point they welcomed the German invasion. You might call these of the western sector “Right-Wing Nationalists”. On the east side, the territory of Crimea, a primarily Russian speaking people, and an area with deep seated religious divisions between orthodox Christianity, the Tartar ties with Islam and a form of Catholicism. They are united, however, in that they want closer ties with Russia.

They will get their wish because as at the date of this article, Russia has invaded it. Perhaps they believe they have too great an interest in Crimea, in that the Russian Black Sea Fleet is stationed there and it is vital to keep that port, which gives them access to the Mediterranean. They have already made the statement, “We will protect ours” on occasion. Indeed, Russia today is like the great bully, with a defiant swagger confident in its newly seen power and driven by Putin, a man anxious to reclaim its position in the world. The Russian warship that recently landed in Cuba, a few miles off the coast of America should be a matter of concern but probably a reason will be manufactured, where in reality, it is very likely part of the new bravado of Russia.

So, who’s winning? America, still with massive military strength but with huge debt forcing them to reduce the size of its military to keep from going over the edge; the EU with many of its member states drowning in a sea of debt and high unemployment; Russia with a new daring, a renewed image courtesy of the recent Olympics, and years of building their armaments without spreading itself thin; or, is the winner, “one worldism”, whose motto is “Order out of Chaos.”

The modern State of Israel must feel very alone these days with enemies on all sides. One wonders what conditions will tempt them to attack their fierce enemies Syria and Iran. While doubtful, they might get away with attacking Syria; it might even bring in reality Isaiah 17:1, “…Behold Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.” Yet, attacking Iran is a different story for it will almost certainly bring the wrath of Russia down upon them.

Still, there must be a trigger. And I wonder if perhaps it could be an economic collapse. Every indication suggests a collapse is possible and with Russia’s present temperament and the assembly of nations coming together, are the two invasions of Ezekiel 38 far behind? I’ve discussed his chapter in numerous messages but let’s briefly touch on a few verses. I suggest you read each one carefully.

  • Verse 2 identifies the chief proponent, Gog, and Bible scholars identifies this as Russia.
  • Verse 3 tells us that God is against Gog.
  • Verse 4 first points out that God will first turn Gog back, which He did when Russia lost all her satellite countries in 1989.
  • Verse 4 also tells us that He will put hooks in Gog’s mouth and bring him forward with their armed forces. This is still to come.
  • Verses 5&6 identifies the nations allied with Gog, the assembly of nations, including the Muslim nations, the black nations and the Arab countries.
  • Verse 7 instructs these nations to prepare for war.
  • Verses 8&9 is that first invasion on the land of Palestine. Perhaps much of the military might of America might be caught up in this invasion.
  • Verses 10-12 talks about an evil thought that comes into the minds of the invaders, they will say, “let’s go up to the land of the unwalled villages, to take a spoil. I have said many times that this will be the attack on North America.

After that, the rest will be in God’s Hands. It’s in the Book.

Editor: “Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.” (Matthew 5:12) One of the great soldiers of Christ that I have been privileged to know for over 20 years has been Pastor Campbell. From time to time he has come under attack from the enemies of Christ, the politically correct and even some within the movement itself. He was nearly overcome about ten years ago but his strength and determination beat back his enemies. They are at it again and picked a time Pastor Campbell is in a weakened condition. But we shouldn’t worry because Alan is like these three lines of Andrew Barton’s well known ballad:

‘I am hurt but I am not slain.
I’ll lay me down and bleed awhile,
Then I’ll rise and fight again.