King George - Their Christian Thoughts

King George V

From a letter to The Morning Post, “Sir, The report entitled “King George at Home” suggests one way in which the memory of our late beloved King could be perpetuated. It is that in every school a prize of a Bible should annually be given, to be named the “King George V Prize,” because he gave such prizes to deserving youth.

The King said: “When I was your age, my grandmother, she was Queen Victoria, you know, gave me a Bible, and she advised me to read a chapter in it every night”. “I have always done it wherever I have been, except, of course, during that bad illness. I couldn’t do it then”.

“Now you can do as you like. But if you make that a rule of your life and stick to it, I don’t think you will regret it when you come to my age.”

King George VI

From the magazine, The War Cry” we learn this story of George VI . By the way, when he was Prince Albert, he made a statement acknowledging his Israel roots.

However, this is a little known story of the days when King George VI was in the Royal Navy. His personal messenger was instructed to visit his cabin at certain times every day. He was to knock, enter and await instructions.

One day the messenger carried out his instructions and found the Prince on his knees, praying. A little embarrassed, the man stood and waited. After a few minutes, the king-to-be rose to his feet, put an arm around the messenger’s shoulders and said: “If ever you find me on my knees, remember there is room for you by my side.”