Mr. Graham was once asked this question, “There are so many things about Christianity and the Bible I do not understand. Are we to accept these by blind faith? It seems to me that to rationally accept something, we should understand it.”

billy-grahamMr. Graham responded, “Yes, there are many things about our faith that I cannot comprehend. However, much of life is a mystery, and religion is not the only sphere in which faith is required.

Salt, for example, is composed of two poisons, sodium and chlorine, either of which if taken individually, would kill you. And yet you use salt every day and ask no questions.

Water is made of oxygen and hydrogen, both of which are flammable. Yet when they are joined together in water, we use these flammable substances to put out fires. Try and explain that. You drink water every day without ever giving a thought to the great mystery contained in it.

We have a natural capacity for faith, and we use it every day. God has taken this natural capacity and made it a condition of knowing Him. When we thirst for God like we do for water, and crave Him like we do salt in our food, we will accept Him with all the mysteries which surround Him and ask no questions. I did that. Thousands of others have done that, and their lives were made better for it.

The word “faith” is used 92 times in the Gospel of John. It is interesting that God only requires “faith’ for salvation. If he had put salvation on any other basis many could not be saved.