One of the leading television commentators in the world today is Glen Beck, who is said to have millions of followers to his television and web programs. He is undoubtedly a man of great influence and respect; his books are best sellers and his recommendations are widely accepted in America and throughout the Western world. Recently he became a supporter of the British-Israel message, and on his television program has spoken highly of writings by the leading author of our belief, Steven M. Collins.

It was my privilege to provide a great amount of research, both historical and Biblical, for inclusion in Mr. Collins’ current four book series on the lost tribes of Israel, as well as editing, and preparing them in text-book publishing software. An important added advantage of this was to help ensure the accuracy of these books, and adherence to our beliefs. I am also thankful for the British-Israel organizations in Great Britain, whose invitations to lecture there each summer and/or autumn for the past dozen years have also allowed me to spend up to two weeks during each visit doing research in the famed British Library, a tremendous scholarly resource. Some of the best of that good new research has enhanced the effectiveness of the Collins books, which are now reaching many thousands of new people with our teaching.

After Glen Beck promoted the Steven Collins books, we received a sudden avalanche of orders, with the happy result that we have sold out of the second edition of the first three books of the series: “The Origins and Empire of Ancient Israel;” “Israel’s Lost Empires;” and “Parthia: the Forgotten Ancient Superpower and Its Role in Biblical History.” The fourth book by Mr. Collins, “Israel’s Tribes Today,” had already been reprinted in a third edition, and will need to be reprinted in a fourth edition in the coming weeks. The first three book titles are now accumulating backorders, resulting in phone calls and emails from customers anxiously asking when they will receive books. I have recently had some interesting conversations with non-denominational pastors and others new to our belief, some of whom have kept me on the phone for long periods asking excited questions about Biblical history, prophecy, and our message. I am convinced that truth can only be held back so long before it breaks forth!

On his television program, Glen Beck stated, “Israel was split into two kingdoms, the Northern Kingdom and the Southern Kingdom.” He explained that people do not realize that ancient Israel (the Northern Kingdom) actually went to war against the Jews (the Southern Kingdom of Judah) as the Bible records in 2 Kings 16:5-6. The Biblical books of Kings and Chronicles make it clear that the kingdoms of Israel and Judah were separate nations with separate histories and prophecies to fulfill, as shown in Genesis 49 and Deuteronomy 33, specifically to be fulfilled in the latter days we live in (Gen. 49:1).

Glen Beck further explained that God had warned these two nations that unless there was repentance, they would be punished for their sins by conquest and deportation to other lands. The House of Israel was warned that the Assyrians would completely take them away into exile. The House of Judah was also warned of judgment to come, which happened at the hands of the Babylonian Empire. The word, Jew, comes from the word, Judah, only one of the twelve tribes that constituted God’s people Israel.

Due to the fact that much of Beck’s audience is American, he focuses attention also on the prophetic character of the United States, including a discussion of the significance of the number thirteen in our history. Another area of emphasis is in the Biblical symbolism on the American great seal, as well as the originally proposed great seal depicting the nation of Israel during its exodus from Egypt.

Concerning the American great seal, Beck said, “We are a nation that is based on Judeo-Christian values and the Bible. Period. You might not buy into the olives and the branches and everything else. It’s fact! It’s fact! But there’s no way to deny that the majority of our laws come directly from the Scriptures, right directly from Deuteronomy.”

Historian Steven Collins’ books have been recommended by Glen Beck, a fortunate choice, because they are unquestionably among the best books ever written on the subject of British-Israel or Anglo-Israel belief. Author Collins stated, “It is such heartening news to me that Glenn Beck has seen this fundamental truth about which so many Christians are unaware. If the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel came to widely recognize their true heritage as the Biblical ‘House of Israel’, it would revolutionize the self-perceptions of not only individuals but of nations as well. It would also verify the Holy Bible powerfully, as the prophecies about the Israelites’ future after their exile from the Promised Land in the 8th century, B.C. would be seen to be completely accurate and fulfilled. This would prove that the Bible is the Word of a Creator God as only an immortal Creator God could control the destinies of nations to make sure that Biblical prophecies made millennia ago are being precisely fulfilled today.”

A link to a television video by Glen Beck discussing the Anglo-Israel belief can be accessed from the main page of the Canadian British-Israel Association website: (see the link in the left column.) A three-page newspaper article on Mr. Beck’s teaching on this subject is included with the video link. We have also added social-sharing, email, and print buttons at the bottom of our main page; why not use them to let others know of our message?

We are working on three new books to be published by CBIA with new research concerning our message, and are planning to make available the Steven Collins books, and possibly others, in e-book format. A recent news story reported that in the third quarter of 2013, sales of e-books have now surpassed hard-copy book sales for the first time, and are especially popular with the younger generation that we need to reach with our message. The e-book transformation is only expected to increase in the years ahead. We will update you on e-book availability in the coming months.

As I write this, we have just received word that the printer has completed the new editions of the three sold-out books by Steven Collins, and we are awaiting a large delivery of thousands of books arriving next week. Our back-orders will be filled by the time you read this. If you have not yet read these excellent books, we invite you to order them fresh from the printer and direct from our CBIA book site at We thank God for the new doors opening for the spread of our message, and the encouragement that this teaching gives to a people with deep concerns for the future and questions about God’s plan for us. May we continue to faithfully proclaim these needed Biblical truths!