A Message from the President, your Editors and all your friends here at The Association of the Covenant People

A Message from All of Us at ACP

Cesare Pavese once wrote, “We do not remember days, we remember moments.” And here we are in the enchanting Christmas season once again, when the passing moments seem just a little more special. Whether it is the lights, the Christmas trees, the carols, the shopping, the social activities, or, just the feeling, something about this time of year makes us want to reach out to others with a greater affection. Christmas truly is a blessed time, a time to strengthen our bonds with friends, family, co-workers and others with whom we come into contact. Yet, it is mostly a fitting time to reflect on our wonderful Lord, in whose honour we celebrate, and to thank Him for His bountiful gifts. And in thanking him, we can reflect upon our own journeys and the breadth of our own contribution to life and to others. We can take comfort in the wonderful law of life that “to give happiness is to deserve happiness.”

We hope your special moments during this Christmas season are filled with great happiness and a wondrous peace.