Here we are, the last month in the year 2013. It will not go down in history as an earthshattering year, although there were scandals in America, also a government shutdown and the great controversy over Obamacare. Whistleblower Snowden revelations seem to have created the greatest urgency. In Canada, there is the ongoing Senate controversy surrounding three senators accused of financial wrong-doing and across the water there were minor waves of misconduct. Of course, in considering the meaning of the number “thirteen”, we have to say the rebellion and depravity has certainly grown since the turn of the century. Mark 7:21-22 sums it up quite succinctly, “”For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed (1) evil thoughts, (2) adulteries, (3) fornications, (4) murders, (5) thefts, (6) covetousness, (7) wickedness, (8) deceit, (9) lasciviousness, (10) an evil eye, (11) blas­phemy, (12) pride, (13) foolishness.”

In the view of many, the real spiral down began in the nineteen sixties and has picked up speed ever since. We Christians certainly see this through the denigration of our faith and our Saviour but Esau Edom and collaborators have made tremendous progress since they gained dominion in the early 1800’s. Remember, as an analogy for the Esau Dominion, the sown seed first broke through the ground very quickly, remained static until the root system was fully developed (to approx1914), then continued its rapid growth toward the budding stage, (to approx. 1963) then on to the flowering stage (to approx. 2001) when it reached its fruit bearing stage, that is, the harvest period, where it will proceed to its conclusion. So, Reader, the long, slow march of the satanic plan is following its permitted course but like the harvest of any crop, the harvest period will end. We must just bide our time.

Nevertheless, those of Esau no doubt looked upon 1963 as a banner year. Interestingly enough, it was just 18 years past World War 2 and True Israel’s hard fought victory. Vallowe states that “18” stands for Victory but 1963 wasn’t our victory, it was Esau’s. They were closing the vice and their chief weapon has been “liberalism”. It has become so entrenched that most Israelites today think it normal, even good. We hear often by our children, “But Dad (or Mom) this is the 21st century”, as if everything in the past was in need of change.

Let’s look at the leaders in America, Britain and Canada in 1963. Were they liberal and did their policies change the direction of their nations? For some reason, 1963 in Australia and New Zealand did not appear to experience great change, these came later.


Prime Minister Harold MacMillan resigned, as the impact if his “Wind of Change” speech continued the dismantling of the British Empire and the ultimate move to join the European Union.

The growing decline in popularity of the Conservatives, partially due to a government sex scandal involving John Profumo, the Secretary of War that may have compromised national security, along with the revelation of Kim Philby as a Soviet spy, soon gave way to a Labour government.

Then occurred the huge liberalization of laws on censorship, divorce, homosexuality, immigration, and abortion; as well as the abolition of capital punishment.


201312-kennedyAmerica’s John F. Kennedy led a liberal charge in the States.

His main contribution to liberalism was in pushing his signature legislation, the Civil Rights Movement, just as President Obama has pushed Obamacare. If followed through to a conclusion, has led to much of the poverty conditions of today.

Got the ball rolling on the beginning of the huge debt burden on Americans through the early stages of the Viet Nam war, which his successors followed, giving way to corporate and banking power that Jefferson warned against.

One potentially great thing he did try was to initiate an overhaul of the control of money with the issuance of silver certificates. Where this might have led was diffused by his assassination on November 22nd, still a subject of great controversy, even after 50 years.


John G. Diefenbaker was Prime Minister of Canada going into 1963 but his conservative bent brought, some say, huge amounts of financial support, particularly from American sources, behind an internationalist, Lester B. Pearson, who defeated Diefenbaker in April of that year.

In Pearson’s and his successor’s long term as leader, liberal causes were enacted, like the abolishment of capital punishment, liberalization of laws on divorce, homosexuality, immigration, and abortion, the introduction of universal health care, and government involvement in education through student loans and further move into pensions through the Canada Pension Plan.

The now popular new flag of Canada enacted under Pearson, saw the replacement of the Red Ensign, under which Canada fought two world wars, its distinctive Union Jack done away with, perhaps as a sop to French Quebec.

Pearson also convened the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism, it likely had an effect on the separatist movement.

So much more took place around the world in 1963 that has a direct or indirect bearing on conditions today, like the Berlin Wall, Martin Luther King’s speech “I have a Dream”, troops being sent to Alabama to quell resistance, the then future prime minister of Britain, the very liberal Harold Wilson becoming Labour Party leader, revolts in Iraq and Syria, a new pope but liberal as John 23rd and in the opinion of many, the events and cover-up of the Kennedy assassination, leading to the Warren Commission appointment of Earl Warren.