The first verse in the book would indicate that this song is written by Solomon himself, for it states that this is the song of songs which is Solomon’s. Is this an actual writing of his or is it a song of tribute to him by someone else, perhaps one who had a mind of understanding and wisdom and one who had knowledge of the greatest gift of all, that is, the gift of love given by the Father and the Son? When you read So. 8:11 the verse reads as though it is written in the second person. The last 2 verses in chapter 8 would also indicate that Solomon himself may not have enjoyed such a close relationship with God. Scripture would bear this out, for the Lord was very angry with Solomon because of the foreign gods and all the intermarriage with the nations round about him, which turned his heart away from the Lord. Does the writer of this book seem to cover up a multitude of sin for the sake of the witness to Christ and those of the House of Israel? To me it would appear so.

There is only one reference to the daughters of Zion, whereas there are many to the daughters of Jerusalem. Does the scripture set a difference between these two “daughters?” Let’s examine this. In So. 2:2 he compares the daughters to thorns, “as the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters”. Would Zion’s daughters be those that the Son of God has betrothed unto himself, the remnant of Israel, those that are washed and without spot, those that have not bowed the knee to Baal? If you consider So. 3:11 it indicates that his mother crowned him and we know from the scripture that it was the Lord that made him King over Israel. By this, I think we can understand that it was the Son of God and not the Father that made Solomon King. Both So. 3:11 and 6:10 would seem to confirm this, if you compare it to the sun, moon and stars of Joseph’s dream. So. 5:14 says that his hands are as gold rings set with the beryl and when you consider the breast plate of Aaron there are two gold rings attached to the shoulders by gold chains and the breast plate was to be doubled. In Revelation 12 you have the woman in the wilderness. She would be a representation of the twelve tribes of Israel herself, but we also have twelve stars in the crown upon her head. It would seem that the daughters of Zion are joined with the crown and the Crown of all Crowns goes to Christ, the Hope of all the earth.

Jesus points to the pearl of great price. Would there be any greater gift than that of He, Himself? David himself said he will be satisfied when he awakes in the likeness. We have hope through Christ that that which is perfect will come. What a pleasant thing it would be to hear the Son of God say, “well done thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of the Lord.” Better yet, is to be partakers of the heavenly gift through the Father and the Son of God. Whoever wrote the Song of Solomon seems to me to have had knowledge of such a great gift of God through Christ.