We thank Thee for the wondrous Light
Thou sheddest forth to-day;
Leading, as Thou hast ever done,
Thy children on their way.

We thank Thee our eyes can trace
Within Thy Sacred Word,
Thy wondrous doings with our Race,
That oft-times sinned and erred.

Speed, speed the breeze which thus shall spread
The news so quickly round –
“Lost ISRAEL, within our Race,
True to Thy Word, is found.”

We thank Thee for these latter days,
When ISRAEL shall see
Our brethren, JUDAH, join with us,
Low bending at Thy knee.

E’en now, they’re coming quickly forth,
Thy Precious Name to own;
Soon shall we all be one again,
As Thine own Word hath shown.

Courtesy The British Israel Herald”