“…As my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.” Jn. 20:21

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him…” Rev. 3:20

It was dark when I opened my eyes. Really dark! And when I tried to look around I couldn’t see anything. Was I really awake, or was I dreaming? I could not be sure, everything seemed so unreal.

I saw in my dream a rectangle outlined faintly, as a door by light, and I then realized that it was indeed a door.

In my unconscious mind I started to see some unremembered and long forgotten scenes, and I realized that I must be dreaming, but I did not really understand what I was seeing. At first it looked like a lot of us were walking, I cannot remember exactly where, but I remember seeing fire and smoke and a cloud.

(1) Next I saw a lot of water and it seemed that lot of people drowned that day. (2) Then we found ourselves at what looked like a wedding and all the people yelling “we will, we will”. (3) Then the whole scene changed and we were in another place. It looked as if different groups of us lived in different areas and even though we lived apart, we were still together. (4) While there, we had some good times and some bad times, and there was a lot of conflict with the people living in the area. (5) As my dream changed again I found myself in a time of real prosperity and harmony. It seemed that they had found some young fellow who really had gotten things together and put things straight for all of us.

(6) But those pleasant scenes did not last very long and it seemed but a moment in time. I found myself walking and again, as in the beginning of my dream, it looked as though there were quite a lot of us. We were being driven as it were by a lot of fearsome and cruel men, ever onward to a place we did not know. (7) Throughout my dream there were two things that confounded me most. The first was as it were letters, as a name, flitting in and out and I understood it not. The second thing that confused me was an old man writing letters, like poems, that I did not understand. In my dream one of these letters stood out above all the others. This one was about a child who would be a son and he would have a government, he would be mighty and a father and he would bring peace. (8) All that my dream had shown me seemed to be one big book, with the pages being turned by an unseen hand. Then everything faded away and it was as if I was being transported to yet another time and place.


I saw in my dream a rectangle outlined faintly, as a door by light, and I then realized that it was indeed a door. It was the door to my heart and I saw the blood flowing, filled with an unbelievable heritage that I did not comprehend. As I contemplated on this mystery I heard a knock on the door. (9) As I opened the door, there stood before me a man, tall and straight and of a wonderful countenance. He smiled and said to me, “Come, I have been looking for you.” He took me by the hand and I felt a deep scar in His Hand, also on His forehead I saw many small scars. (10) When I asked Him about the scars He smiled at me and said that they were all part of His job.

In my dream He then led me to a group of men standing a ways off. They were as diverse a group of men as you could find and as the Man introduced them to me, He said, see, here is Pete and John and also Jim and Tom. He said these and some of the others were fishermen, but one is a doctor and another used to work for the Government collecting taxes and that fellow over there used to be in the Secret Police of the other side, until one day he saw the light (11) and came over to our side. They all used to work for Me, the Man said, but alas they are no more. So you see, the Man said to me, that is why I was looking for you, for I need you to work for me now so that you can tell the others that still dwell in darkness and ignorance. But, said I, what shall I tell them when I find them and He said, just tell them what you are, and tell them to read the book, the book that you saw in your dream.

When the Man had said these things His countenance changed to such a radiance and glory, the which of I had never seen. And again He spoke to me, “be not afraid”, He said, for I am the Alpha and the Omega.” For as my Father has sent me, even so send I you. (13) For I was sent, but unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel.”

It was then that I awoke from my dream and I realized that I was given the task of telling my brothers and sisters that we are the children of the promise, for we are ISRAELITES.

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