skypeWith the help of technology, over the next year, we will be bringing in speakers live from all parts of the world. The first to be invited appeared at our last meeting before the summer recess; it was our good friend, Pastor Jory Brooks of Detroit, Michigan. He talked to us about Jeremiah and it was hugely interesting. He is one of the premier speakers in the movement and has agreed to return for at least one more engagement in the coming year. While we didn’t do it on this occasion, we have the ability to tape the messages.

Jory appeared to us on a large screen television via the program “Skype” and included is a photo of his appearance. As you will note, he occupies most of the screen and our group is in the corner in a smaller box. On his computer or television screen, it is just the opposite, our group took up most of the screen.

201308-bits1Jory loved it and as one of our members said, it was like having him in our living room. We could freely converse with him and enjoyed a good question and answer session.

Now here is something interesting, we can bring approximately three others into the meeting. Suppose a reader from Tennessee, who has Skype and a web camera on his computer, wants to listen to a speaker, we can patch him or her in and their camera image will appear in a small box next to ours. If this is interesting to you, let us know. We have invited a number of speakers round the world to participate and will keep you posted through Thy Kingdom Come.