In his “Tale of Two Cities” Charles Dickens began with the following Phrase, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair ……” The good adjectives expressed here by Dickens bear no resemblance to today’s Israel world, do they? With the huge debt hanging over our heads like a guillotine, tens of millions of poor in our Israel nations, wealth confiscated, freedoms lost, etc., it is impossible to relate to the best of times, indeed it may simply be the worst it has ever been. We have great knowledge but certainly not wisdom; it is primarily a world of disbelief or scepticism, and hope seems to have all but vanished as we grope our way through a maze of controls, fears and lost values. Today, Dickens might be tempted to write, “It is the worst of times, an age of foolishness touched with fleeting pleasures to keep us occupied; un-statesman and unscrupulous leadership keeping us in the dark while pursuing their one world goals to our ultimate harm.

We live at a time when the world is falling apart and this editor believes that in the coming year, massive failures are going to erupt in the markets, nations will be contending with a myriad of problems not experienced since the Great Depression of 1929-33 and the control of people and people’s activities will be intensified. The New Year’s Eve festivities in this year of 2013 may ring out as loud and clear as celebrations of the past twenty or thirty years but future celebrations will probably be dull by comparison.

Do you remember the days when New Year celebrations were more than people getting inebriated and waking up sometime the next day not knowing what they might have said, what happened, or with whom. Not to say that some, particularly God’s people, act differently, but in the long ago past, there were far more of us who would unite in prayer asking that God’s will be done, and for His Kingdom to come soon. It was and still is, a better alternative to the mostly foolish, today’s typical New Year’s celebrations.

In trying to gauge how leaders in our movement reflect on 2013, I asked four of the most knowledgeable to give me their thoughts. I’m very pleased that each of these leaders so readily agreed to offer their thoughts to our many readers. It is not surprising that each of them express great concern for 2013 and beyond.

Michael ClarkMichael Clark

Turning first to the European crisis, Michael Clark, President of British-Israel-World Federation, United Kingdom refers to it as the “The present economic war.” He wrote, “The Bank of England is to get a new governor in the middle of 2013. He is the present governor of the Bank of Canada, Mark Carney (a Bilderburg attendee in 2011). [Ed. Carney also spent thirteen years with Goldman Sachs in its London, Tokyo, New York and Toronto offices.] Carney will come to the City of London at a time when the policy of printing money to the tune of £375 billion, which the Bank calls Quantitative Easing, has been employed in three stages for nearly four years in order to get the economy going.

In November, in a technical but politically timed move, the Treasury in London quietly recycled to itself the only bit of “real” money in all of this – the interest it was paying to the Bank on these transactions. This made the public finances look £37 billion better off. In effect, quantitatively eased its own Quantitative Easing! Where is all this economic smoke and mirrors policy headed?

The amounts of money “printed” are by far the largest ever. In the United States and in the European eurozone the banking and debt crisis threatens a crisis of even greater proportions in the year ahead. There is a genuine fear that things could fall “off the cliff” – perhaps it should be called the abyss? Without much doubt the words of the Apostle James in chapter 5, verses 1-3 concerning the rich men in the last days are appearing before us in profound fulfillment and it surely is our duty to pray that we might escape the consequences of the final economic great conflagration?” [end of quote]

Pastor JenningsPastor Jennings

We are all well aware that America is not without its problems. Pastor Charles Jennings of Truth in History Ministries and Pastor Dave Barley of America’s Promise take different, yet similar, paths but both look to the future with great consternation, unless there is Divine intervention.

Let’s first look at what Pastor Jennings offers. He wrote, “In consideration of what the future holds for our country can be upsetting and even scary, if it were not for the sureties of God’s Word and His control over the affairs of men and nations. We are following in the footsteps of ancient Judah as described by the prophets Jeremiah and Isaiah; “Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire: your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers” (Isa. 1:7). The two-headed viper of multiculturalism and religious pluralism is drastically changing the face and the very soul of our nation.

Politically and culturally the vast electorate of our nation has chosen the process toward captivity. As the host nation, the USA is: 1. altruistic to our own hurt in supporting our enemies, 2. practicing political correctness in an attempt to appease the ungodly at the expense of Biblical values, 3. polytheistic, therefore incurring God’s wrath for our disobedience to the first commandment, 4. this results in the Israel people becoming the dispossessed minority in our own land.

There is hope in the words of Amos 9:8. God said He would destroy the sinful kingdom, but preserve the family of Jacob. The body politic will crumble, but the Lord will preserve His people. In the midst of utter decay, our covenant God knows and protects His own for His own namesake. Our Savior’s admonition to us is; “Lo, I am with you always.” [end of quote]

Pastor BarleyPastor Barley

Pastor Barley’s words pinpoint the predicament that has evolved over the past 60 years. He wrote, “I have been asked to share a few thoughts with you about things to come in the year 2013. Well, I predict “PAIN.” Ok, I’m kidding, but it’s not entirely a joke, because there is no way on God’s earth that the American people can elect a non-Christian, non-Israelite to rule over them and expect God’s blessings to flow and our nation to prosper. Now, our national demise is clearly of God’s sovereign providential design because America, also Canada, has not repented, but have instead turned to other false gods, laws, and multicultural vanity. The Bible clearly states in Genesis 12:2; 18:18, that the descendants of Abraham and Jacob were to be “a great nation,” and “a company of nations” (Genesis 17:4; 35:11; 48:19). Covenant Israel was not called to blend with the other nations or incorporate their ungodly ways and practices (Isaiah 45:4, Leviticus 20:24 &26, Ezra 10:11). To claim to be Christians and to know God’s Word, but adapt worldly love as a way to be a light unto the world is utter madness and carnal insanity.

What must we do? We must do what Jesus says in John 14:21, “He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.”

This is what loving the Lord our God with all our heart is all about, and it is the way we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. True Israel is not being blessed or being a blessing to others if they live in disobedience to God’s Kingdom principles of righteousness. Therefore, they must separate themselves from those people, institutes, governments, and officials who deny Jesus Christ and work at cross purposes with the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness. Otherwise, 2013 will be a repeat of 2012, 2011, 2010, and so forth.” [end of quote]

It will be interesting to see if the Republican right holds firm to their stand or whether the liberal forces in the nation bring them to their knees and prevail upon them to rubber stamp more taxes and more debt. Probably, after a few more months, Americans will begin to realize that what made them great in the now long-ago past is not going to re-appear without the Lord’s Help. At the time of this writing, the Mid-East is about to erupt and judging from the rhetoric, America may enter at least one more war, perhaps two, if North Korea continues on its course.

Kent PurvisKent Purvis

And what of Canada, let’s see what Kent Purvis, President of the British-Israel-World Federation in Toronto has to say, “2012 is behind us, and now we look forward to a new year.  We are still being told how well Canada is doing in these current financial difficulties. But we are simply the best of a bad bunch. While none of the Canadian banks have gone under thus far, this is mostly due to good luck rather than good management. We have been limited in the austerity measures that we have faced compared to other nations, particularly those nations of Europe. Our national debt recently passed $600 billion; while it is peanuts compared to the $16 trillion owed by the United States, it should be a concern because it cannot continue indefinitely. The United States is our closest trading partner, and as the saying goes our economy relies heavily on them. If the U.S. collapses we will not be far behind; and events in the Middle East could have a large and grave affect on the U.S. economy. If war breaks out between Israel and any other nation in the Middle East, as appears very close right now, the flow of oil will cease and that could put all the western economies over the edge, even Canada.

Will the economies of the west fail this year? No one can say for sure, but I think time is short; only God knows for sure, and if not this year, it cannot be far off.” [end of quote]

So, 2013 does not look promising and our many readers will likely peruse this editorial with great alarm. “What to do” will likely enter the minds of many. If so, perhaps Pastor Barley’s suggestion is one to keep very close to the heart.

He wrote, “The best advice I can give is stay close to Jesus, and His Word.”