Our Prime Minister seems to be following a pattern linked to Winston Churchill on the 70 year cycle which is the number of Determination for the body-politic of God’s servant people, or ‘Jerusalem’. However, whereas Churchill was the man of the hour to deliver Britain from the Nazi oppressor, David Cameron’s efforts to keep Britain in the EU are being overruled to bring us out from economic oppression in the EU.

David Cameron walked into 10 Downing Street as Prime Minister  and leader of the first Coalition since 1940 on May 10 2010, 70 years to the day from when Winston Churchill became Britain’s War Leader and Prime Minister of a wartime Coalition on May 10 1940.

On Oct 31 2012, David Cameron lost a vital vote in the House of Commons on the EU financial plan for the next 7 years.  This was 70 years to the day from Oct 31 1942 when Winston Churchill addressed three thousand mine-owners’ and mine-workers’ delegates in which in the course of his speech the Prime Minister said: “I sometimes have a feeling of interference. I want to stress that. I have a feeling sometimes that some Guiding Hand has interfered. I have a feeling that we have a Guardian because we have a great Cause, and we shall have that Guardian so long as we serve that Cause faithfully. And what a Cause it is!” (We Have a Guardian, Covenant Publishing).