Deuteronomy 28 is a chapter wherein God goes into great lengths to describe what is ahead for Israelites. It is a long chapter, 66 verses in all. The first fourteen set out a series of wonderful blessings and when you read them, one can only imagine the potential prosperity, not only for the nation but for each and every one of us. And all we have to do to receive the blessings, from both a personal and national standpoint, is observe God’s commandments.

Sadly, the remaining fifty-four outline curses if we do not hearken unto His Voice, from strangers ruling us, to our wealth being taken away and replaced by the bondage of debt. The chapter culminates by describing an invasion of our nation. Probably our ancestors felt the pangs of disobedience when they were taken into captivity by the Assyrians and the Babylonians but a second fulfillment is reserved for true Israel today, in fact has been underway for quite some time through such things as changing the landscape of our nations.

Testing your memories, remember, Jacob used trickery in obtaining the Birthright from God through his father Isaac and for punishment his brother Esau was told that he would have it at some point in time. You can read all about this in Genesis Chapter 27. Anyway, we descendents of Jacob gave it back to Esau’s descendants, I believe in the early 1800’s and it has progressively passed through the seeding, rapid growth and flowering stages to the present chokehold of True Israel.

To begin, let me pose this question, “Has there ever been a time in your memory when the world scene is as frightening as it is right now? I realize that some of us here today might still remember the last world war but at least for us in North America, it was a far away war in Europe and Asia. But 911 brought a frightening new dimension to our lives. If you re-trace the events to that awful day in 2001, you might believe, as I do, that from that moment, we entered into the harvest stage of the wicked Esau Dominion. Sadly, it has to run its course, but in progressing, it has sapped so much of our wealth, moral character, freedoms, and so on.

Of course, an offshoot of not controlling our own destiny has been the awakening of extremists in the Islamic world and a favourite weapon, “Terrorism!” It seems that no life, no city and no country are safe from this despicable form of criminal violence. Those who participate are fanatical to their cause and what makes them more dangerous is the complete lack of regard they seem to have for their own lives. One thing seems certain, they deeply resent the West’s military intrusions into their lands and it has furthered a growing hate against us. The hate promises to bear the ultimate fruit as we inject ourselves more and more into regional conflicts that are sapping the financial might of Israel nations and spreading our military assets too thinly around the globe.
Ironically, the great Gog of Ezekiel seems content to let the west exhaust their resources and be the recipient of growing hate around the world. Without realizing it, I suppose, they are unconsciously waiting for God to put hooks in their mouths and bring them forward. It’s all there in Ezekiel 38, but fortunately God will come to our aid as He declares in Ezekiel 39.

Yet, here we are in 2012. The Israel nations are still mired in recession, China and Japan’s booming economies are slowing rapidly and the EU countries are reeling. Indeed, the world economic system has never been more fragile as the burden of over-valued markets, the frightening danger of derivatives, the low pace of capital spending and the deficit financing of wars are proving harder and harder to manipulate because of stumbling economies.. Something significant is on the horizon and when one reads the signs and various website articles, it will not be a welcome something. And as the great Bible scholar, Howard Rand, wrote, ”The judgments of God in the destruction of our property and prosperity, and our population through storms, disasters [and wars] and disease have failed to turn the hearts of the people to their God.” In his comments years ago, he also wrote, “Israel’s leaders are guilty”.

Now I apologize if I am alarming any reader but I am trying to point out that the conditions we face in the world today are exactly the conditions that the Bible tells us we will be facing just before the return of Jesus Christ. In fact, all that is really left to take place before the final pieces come together is for Babylon to fall and the great Gog of the Bible, along with its allies, to direct their forces against Palestine, the United Kingdom and North America, as they swoop over the North Pole into our lands

So, is 2012 a terminal year on God’s Great Plan? For those who like to dabble in prophetic interpretation, here are four tempting morsels.

2012 is 15 years from 1997 when the six days (6,000 years) expired, as determined by the respected scholar, Bishop Ussher, 15 standing for “Rest.”

2012 marks 15 years from 1997 when Ephraim Britain lost the last remaing “gates of her enemies” when she turned Hong Kong back to China.

2012 in September will be 11 years from 911, the beginning of the Harvest period of the Esau Dominion. Eleven stands for Judgment. Perhaps Esau is in for a surprise, maybe even the loss of the Dominion as per Ezekiel 34:27

2012 is nine years from 2003, the beginning of judgment on the western Israel powers who invaded Iraq on the pretence they had weapons of mass destruction, later determined to be not so. “Nine” stands for Divine completeness.

In conclusion, perhaps a key thought that should run through our minds is, “Are we as enlightened individuals doing what we can to sound the alarm, to be a watchman. It shouldn’t matter that our leaders are blind, remember, the prophet Isaiah likened them to dumb dogs who don’t bark [warn the people] and love to slumber [enjoy the pleasures of their trappings]. He refers to them as shepherds without understanding, whereas you, the reader, have had the blindness removed and as the prophet Daniel said of these days of the end, “the wise shall understand.”  We didn’t have the blindness lifted to go our merry ways, once it took place, God has singled us out to do what we can to convey the Gospels of the Kingdom and Salvation, as well as sowing the seeds of the news of the Israel Truth. May we all be good and faithful servants!