Dear Editor: Is Christ the Redeemer of all Israel or just of the House of Israel, i.e. Ten Tribed Israel.

From Editor: Years ago we replied to this question by quoting an answer by the Anglo-Saxon World. Here it is again. “Christ redeemed ten-tribed Israel. Judah was driven from the land but was never disowned as was Israel. It was Israel that carried the name of God. It was from these people that having taken His Holy Name, God made His promises good by the provision of Redemption. This entitled this Nation to again assume their former God-given name after the expiration of their seven times punishment had been finally completed. Judah never needed redemption. Judah will never again appear in history as a National entity. They will appear as they walk with Israel under one King. (Ezek. 37:22). You may never have noticed that ten-tribed Israel appears in the Bible in many places under the name of “All Israel.” (I Sam. 18: 16.) All Israel and Judah loved David-Luke 1:68. “Blessed be the Lord God of Israel for He hath visited and Redeemed His people.”