911-aldenIf you recall past articles penned by this editor, you might recall that the evil Esau Dominion reached its peak when it began its “Harvest Stage” on or around September 11th, 2001 (911) and from that moment on, our Israel countries have witnessed a huge loss of prestige and wealth, while Israelites themselves have had our freedoms curtailed and our lives and the lives of our children caught up in a bondage as never before experienced.  Those who study the Scriptures, who have been blessed to learn their true identity, recognize we are in “the time of Jacob’s trouble” as foretold by the prophet Jeremiah (30:7)  and that it has accelerated to that “time of trouble such as never was “ in our nation’s existence, as pointed out by the prophet Daniel. (Dan. 12:1). The ironic thing is that most Israelites don’t recognize our peril, they are too caught up trying to make a living and revelling in all the pleasures Esau and their collaborators provide to keep us pacified.

So, September 2012, eleven years later, and many are reflecting upon the changes to our nations, our daily lives and our futures. I don’t think the effect of 911 could have been captured more succinctly than in the words of Pastor Charles Jennings, of “Truth in History” ministries. He wrote:

“Nine, one, one –Words that trigger a sudden mental flash-back to an event of tragedy, suffering and pain.   Yet, since then, they are household words that are used by media and political propagandists to arouse pro-American feelings of pseudo-patriotism among the masses in justification for waging the age-long “rich man’s game” called war.

Nine, one, one– Words that are more effective than ‘Remember Pearl Harbor” or ‘the Russians are coming’ ever were in convincing freedom loving Americans to submit to government control and statism.

911-alden-2They are the ‘holy” words of America’s newest religion of arrogant militarism, yet the slogan for the national mindset of fear and uncertainty. The battle-cry for “imperial” expansion.” (end of quote)
Reflecting on these words of Pastor Jennings, one cannot think of the Mid East wars that have proven so devastating to tens of thousands of young men and women, coming home in body bags or hospital beds; to families that will forever bear the scars; and generations who will never be able to repay the financial burden. The distribution of our wealth has wracked havoc on western economies, created untold miseries for millions and made strong the prime beneficiary countries, who the Bible tells us will someday join the confederation invading our Israel lands.

Still, there was an immediate glimmer of hope coming out of the tragedy of 911 and it was seen throughout North America in particular. Kent Purvis, the president of British-Israel-World Federation Canada  described one such hopeful sign when he wrote:

“In Canada we saw a small community with little resources such as Gander, Newfoundland, show the greatness of our country by absorbing dozens of plane loads of international flyers into their homes and community, regardless of language, culture, or nationality. Gander did not have the hotel capacity for such an onslaught and the community rallied and welcomed these people into their homes. From coast to coast churches were filled to levels unseen in decades. [Unfortunately] these levels returned to previous levels within a month.

Looking back at the past eleven years since 911 we have seen an opportunity lost, not just in the United States, but in all the Israelite Nations.  Meanwhile, both our nations [Canada and America] are carrying on worse federally, regionally, locally, and individually; and our nations are paying the price.  Our repentance was short-lived and soon forgotten, to the point that prayer was not allowed at the New York City tenth anniversary memorial. How sad. And yet we wonder why we are where we are today.” (end of quote)

Reading Mr. Purvis’ comments I can’t help but reflect on the Howard Rand quote included in the August, 2012 editorial, ”The judgments of God in the destruction of our property and prosperity, and our population through storms, disasters [and wars] and disease have failed to turn the hearts of the people to their God.” Or, at least more than temporarily!  Sadly, for a real return to God, it would seem than a tragedy has to affect each and every one of us.

We often think that 911’s effects were primarily visible in America but the tragedy had far reaching effects. One wonders whether Europe’s current difficulties could be interlinked in any way. I asked two well known leaders in the Israel Truth movement for their thoughts on the “then” and “now” of 911.

Michael Clark, President of British-Israel-World Federation, took on the “Then” theme.  He quoted then prime minister, Tony Blair, when Blair said “This changes the world.” Indeed it did, but not for the better. Anyway, Mr. Clark wrote:

“In a BBC Radio 4 interview,  Tony Blair, Britain’s former Prime Minister, said of the 9/11 terrorist attack that it was “deeply naive” to believe the response of the west had radicalised extremist Muslim factions. Blair insisted “significant blows” had been struck in the war on terror but admitted, “It’s not over”. He said radicals “believe in what they believe in because they believe their religion compels them to believe in it.” He said the terrorism threat would only end when “we defeat the ideology.” In respect of any underlying effect on Europe, speaking from his London home, Blair said; “I think it will take a generation, but the way to defeat this ideology ultimately is by a better idea, and we have it, which is a way of life based on openness, democracy, freedom and the rule of law.”

Blair was in Brighton on the day of the attack preparing a speech for a trade union conference. He was alone in a room making final tweaks when an aid interrupted him and told him there was something he must watch on TV. His former chief of staff, Jonathan Powell, said to BBC Breakfast on the tenth anniversary of the attack; “He really became very steely, very focused. I think he was the first on television to express our sympathy as a country, but also the world’s sympathy with the United States and to stand alongside them.” Tony Blair said openly at the conference, “This changes the world.”

Meanwhile, Powell revealed that Downing Street was unable to contact President Bush until the day after the terrorists struck. Bush was “a very shaken man”, he said. “He wasn’t sure what to do. His voice was quavering. He was in a state almost of shock.” (end of quote)

Pastor Alan Campbell of Northern Ireland, in addressing the “Now” thinks the freedom of movement as a result of 911 is probably most significant because it has conditioned the populace to accept controls. Whereas before 911, the populace was less likely to accept such controls, but these days when the authorities move to quell what they consider threatening, like the financial disturbances in Greece and Spain, they are not met with great public outcries. Where this will lead is speculation but a conditioned populace may not rebel if bank closures, or the like, are planned as a further step in enslaving people. Lately, there is a move to remove the freedom of the Internet and the general public does not appear alarmed.  (end of quote)

Yet, as desperate as the pangs of bondage, poverty and immorality appear, eleven years later, we must ask ourselves, “is there something spectacular on the horizon.” If so, we may not like what we will have to live through but like the woman in travail, the pain ends in bliss. Let’s look at a few signs.

One of our Bible study participants referred to Daniel 5 and pointed to God’s Handwriting to the shamefully wicked Belshazzar which basically told the king that God numbered the days of his kingdom and brought it to an end; that Belshazzer was weighed in the balance and found wanting. So when we were discussing 2012 and the Esau Dominion, she considered it and summed up their fate by saying, “The writing is on the wall, their time is soon up.” It is interesting that somewhere in the Apocrypha there is a verse that reads “Esau is the end, Jacob the beginning.

I personally look at the moral decay in our nations, the lack of Christian values and support by our leaders and the great chaos in our nations and can’t help but reflect on the great iniquity Isaiah described in Isaiah 51:

Therefore, listen to this, in your affliction,
drunk that you are, but not with wine
Thus says the LORD, your Lord and your God
Who will plead his people’s cause:

Look, I take from your hand
The cup of drunkenness
You shall never drink again
from the bowl of my wrath

I will give it instead to your tormentors or oppressors,
Those who said to you, ‘Lie down and we will walk over you’
And you made your backs like the ground beneath them,
Like a roadway for passers-by.

Who are the tormentors; who was the cup passed to? Lamentations 4: 21-22 tells us this.

Rejoice and be glad, daughter of Edom [Esau]
You who live in the land of Uz
Yet the cup shall pass to you in turn,
And when you are drunk you will expose yourself to shame

The punishment for your sin, daughter of Zion [True Israel] is now complete
And never again shall you be carried into exile.
But you, daughter of Edom [Esau], your sin shall be punished
And your guilt revealed.

Is there a prophecy that reveals the Dominion taken from Esau. Yes, in Ezekiel 34: 27, “…and [True Israel] shall know that I am the LORD, when I have broken the bands of their yoke, and delivered them out of the hand of those that served themselves of them.

Matthew 13: 24-30 reveals what will happen to the tares [Esau and collaborators], James 5:1-6 outlines the fate of the unscrupulous rich, Obadiah also depicts the fate of Esau.
Many more Bible passages could be mentioned relating to the ultimate destruction of Esau Edom but a brief mention should be made of our leaders. If they have been supporters of Esau, then they are collaborators and a similar fate awaits them.

There is one further thought that should be included. September 2012 marks 11 years from 911. So, does the number “11” hold any significance. Two men of distinction who made a great study of the meaning of Biblical numbers are E.W. Bullinger and Ed Vallowe. Bullinger interprets “11” as marking disorder, imperfection and disintegration.  Vallowe points out that it is  usually associated with Judgment and Disorder. Both employ many Bible passages as substantiating evidence.

So, “will the handwriting be on the wall” commencing in September 2012? We shall see.