Recently, I watched a program on CBC called, “Dragon’s Den”. In the “Den”, five self-made multi-millionaires are approached by entrepreneurs and inventors to obtain funding for the development of their product and business. Three immigrants approached for help in publishing a book about their exploits coming to Canada. One Dragon, whose father was Serbian, broke into tears as he recalled his father’s entry to Canada and how fortunate he was to have benefited from all Canada has to offer its citizens. It caused me to reflect on this phenomenon; it led me to the conclusion that we are under God’s protection, especially since 911.

The following day, I listened to a CBC call-in show where people living in poverty explained the various difficulties occurring in their lives as a result. So, this led to questioning why we are unable to solve the problem or, at least, do more to alleviate their misery. It seems it is a matter of priorities regarding the disbursal of government revenues.

We have no problem allocating billions of dollars for new fighting aircraft, ships for the navy and materials to support the army. The numbers of these items are never explained to the taxpayer. IF our government leaders recognized that we are a part of the Israel family of nations and IF we recognized that to be in harmony with our Creator we must apply God’s eternal law, THEN we could count on all of God’s promised blessings which include first, Israel is God’s battle ax and must win with a small army and second, no weapon that is formed against us will prosper. St Paul tells us that scripture (the Old Testament) is written for our instruction. I would suggest reading the stories of Gideon, Jehoshaphat and Sennacherib’s seige of Jerusalem. In two of these cases the defending army never took the field and as we know Gideon’s army was comprised of 300 men.

...“Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you…. Ye have heaped [hoarded] treasure together for the last days .” James 5:1&3

So, we could use some of these billions to bring people to the poverty line or better and we could repair the substandard housing accommodations in which they live, while providing new housing.

Another priority area that requires review is our taxation of people and corporations. First, no one living under the poverty line should be paying income tax. This would be just and we want a just society. Our present government makes tax concessions to the richest corporations in the belief that the extra profits and cash will allow them to invest in new industries and job creation. This is not working because those very corporations are accumulating billions of dollars on their balance sheets, not spending cash but hoarding it. If they were taxed at rates that would have them pay their fair share versus the people, then that tax could be used by the government to repair and expand our crumbling infrastructure which is adversely affecting our business environment.

God has given us a land of milk and honey and all the other necessities of life and given in such abundance that we can support other impoverished countries. But, to come into a perfect union with God, thereby allowing Him to shower us with His good works, we need to restore His eternal laws and recover a society where good morals always drive our actions.

You see, it’s a matter of priority!