2012-03-lettersFrom Vancouver:

Dear Brooks: Much is written about 2012 in various magazines and it does seem that it could be a significant year. Do you think that the April 14th, 1912 sinking of the Titanic is relative at all, considering it took place 100 years ago?

Hi Vancouver:

I suspect that for those of us who have great expectations of the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ, we eagerly grasp at any sign that appears to fit with our hopes. And there are certainly some encouraging signs that point to 2012 being a red-banner year. It’s interesting that Vallowe, in his excellent book, “Biblical Mathematics” suggests that the number 100 represents “God’s election of Grace” or the “Children of Promise” [True Israel]. Now, whether the 100 years from the sinking of the Titanic plays any significance, we will have to wait until April to find out.

The sinking of the Titanic is one of the most depicted and talked about events in our history. It has been the subject of many full length films, documentaries and stories. So, perhaps all that has been said about that tragedy has already been told and retold. Still, there are some intriguing aspects that maybe the full body of our readership have yet to glean from film presentations. I think J. Bernard Nicklin captured it best fifty years ago in his article “Is God Warning Us?” Here is just a brief excerpt of his writing courtesy The National Message.

“It is said that ‘coming events cast their shadows before them’. Never have those words proved truer than in the case of the Titanic. At the time it happened, we well remember, attention was drawn in the Press to a remarkable novel that had been published in the United States, fourteen years previously. In this novel, entitled Futility, the author, Morgan Robertson, described how a monster liner—called the Titan mark you!—the largest craft afloat, said to be ‘unsinkable’, struck an ice­berg when half-way across the Atlantic and running at full speed, on a cold April night, and sank! [Ed. Very prophetic]

In Walter Lord’s excellent book A Night to Remember, published in 1956, much more that appeared in Robert­son’s novel, and that came true of the Titanic, is mentioned. For instance, his [Robertson’s] ship, the Titan, was loaded with ‘rich and complacent people’; its capacity was almost the same as that of the Titanic; it could make the same speed and, moreover, it carried not half enough lifeboats. Was all this coincidence? One is forced to conclude that Robertson was inspired.

What of the Titanic itself? Many believed then, as now, that it foreshadowed the closing epoch of this Age soon to be entered.

Prophecies are sometimes enacted, as well as written. Harold Norris, early in 1914, in his book “When Will Our Lord Return?” wrote, “This awful disaster stands, I believe, as a striking warning of the time of catastrophe which closes the present age.” Time will tell.

We [Nicklin & colleagues] believe the Titanic has a message of vital importance today for the nation and for each individual. Does not the Titanic stand for our present-day corrupt civilization—the world in which we are living? A picture of it, labeled ‘Great Babylon’, is given in Revelation. As the Titanic received a mortal blow and sank two miles deep in the Atlantic, so, as ‘a great millstone cast into the sea’, is the corrupt world order of these days to sink and ‘be found no more at all’ (Rev. 18: 19, 21).

In the case of the Titanic, to those in charge, and the passengers and crew, the peril ahead was not realized. It came as a snare. And, ‘as a snare shall it [the final judgment] come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth’, said Jesus (Luke 21:35). Moreover, the disaster came at midnight. ‘The people shall be troubled at midnight and pass away’ (Job 34:20). ‘At midnight there was a cry’ (Matt. 25:6).

“A lady survivor who talked to us [Mr. Nicklin & colleagues] said she was asleep when the Titanic struck, and when awakened twenty minutes later (mid­night), she was told to dress and come on deck. The call to her meant life! To many it meant death. To True Israel, and Christ’s true followers, the call will be to escape. Our Lord will be in charge of the safety arrangements, and under His protection there will be nothing to fear. The important thing is to be ready! Money, good works, outward profession will be of no avail. Our Lord, in His parable stressed the importance of ‘oil’—the Holy Spirit (Matt. 25:1-13). Were the cries, heard after the Titanic sank, prophetic of a greater cry that will go up at the last?” [end of quote]

Some very interesting thoughts, Vancouver! But we shall soon see, for April is just around the corner.

2012-03-letters2From Ontario:

Brooks, in past issues, you have brought up the name of King George VI in a highly complementary way but neglected to even mention the 75th anniversary of his becoming king in 1936. Also, are you aware that it will be 75 years from May 12th, 1937 that he was crowned king officially?

Thanks Ontario:

I’m sorry for this oversight. You know, when I selected the six monarchs in my “Monarchs of Destiny” series, I wanted to include King George VI, but there just wasn’t the Biblical references surrounding his reign. Still, I consider him one of the truly great monarchs who occupied the Throne of David and I encourage all readers to learn more about him. The courage this man displayed during the two great wars was simply inspiring. Consider his words on the eve of D-Day, June 6th, 1944.

“Four years ago our nation and Empire stood alone against an overwhelming enemy, with our backs to the wall. Tested as never before in our history, in God’s providence we survived that test; the spirit of the people, resolute, dedicated, burned like a bright flame, lit surely from those Unseen Fires which nothing can quench…. Now once more a supreme test has to be faced. This time the challenge is not to fight to survive but to fight to win the final victory for the good cause … That we may be worthily matched with this new summons of destiny, I desire solemnly to call my people to prayer and dedication.”

“We are not unmindful of our own shortcomings, past and present. We shall ask not that God may do our will, but that we may be enabled to do the will of God; and we dare to believe that God has used our nation and Empire as an instrument for fulfilling His high purpose”.

Please read the last line of his words prayerfully. You see, he knew he was a temporary occupant on Christ’s Throne and he was blessed to know his identity. He was a favourite of his grandmother, Queen Victoria, and from all aspects, she certainly was aware of her identity and as an occupant of the Throne of David and would have counselled George VI. Indeed, an old National Message article carried this comment that he made in 1922 when he was Prince Albert, “I am sure the British Israelite business is true. I have read a lot about it lately and everything no matter how large or small points to our being “the chosen race.”

One story that I love best is about the days when King George VI was in the Royal Navy. His personal messenger was instructed to visit his cabin at certain times every day. He was to knock, enter and await instructions. One day the messenger carried out his instructions and found the Prince on his knees, praying. A little embarrassed, the man stood and waited. After a few minutes, the king-to-be rose to his feet, put an arm around the messenger’s shoulders and said: “If ever you find me on my knees, remember there is room for you by my side.”

He was a humble man, yet so strong and courageous. His father, George V, was said to have had severe reservations about Edward, saying, “I pray God that my eldest son will never marry and that nothing will come between Bertie and Lilibet [Elizabeth] and the throne.” I think God had intended this anyway, because his death made way for Elizabeth II, the total opposite from the other five monarchs of destiny, but, as I wrote at the time, the perfect monarch for these end times when strength had to give way to political one-worldism.