The Prophet DanielThe Prophet Daniel – He enquired of the last days but was told “Ask no more”

I recently received a note from a long time reader who brought to my attention that the Mayan calendar suggests that some cataclysmic or transformative events will take place on December 21, 2012. His research showed that some suggest it marks the start of time in which Earth will undergo a spiritual transformation leading to a new era. And others think it means the end of the world. Both seem a little far-fetched to our reader who commented that some time ago I wrote that there is some significance to 2012 from a Biblical standpoint and wondered if I was relating to the Mayan calendar prediction in any way.

Of course, I didn’t, in fact I guess I am in the group that hasn’t paid much attention to the Mayan theory and I must confess that I have read very little about it. As far as years are concerned, in the past few years I have suggested that a number of years are strangely interesting and somehow I believe they are signposts in God’s Great Plan. If you have been a regular reader of this magazine, you will have understood the significance of 1996 / 1997 / 2001 / 2003 / 2007 and to a lesser extent 2012 / 2016 / 2020. But, here’s a little study readers might enjoy.

When his work was done, the prophet Daniel was given his final instructions by the Lord God Almighty, who said to Daniel (12:13), “Go and wait for the end; you shall rest in the grave and then rise to enjoy your share at the end of the days.” Daniel had asked about the last events before the end but he was simply told, “Ask no more.” Then, after describing the events which were to take place just before His Return, Jesus told His disciples (Matthew 24:36), “No one knows anything of that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, but only my Father.” It is verses like these that most theologians employ in their sermons that keep the Christian body from even considering the return of Christ, despite being told in Acts 1:11, “This same Jesus who has been taken from you into heaven will come back, just as you have seen him depart to heaven.” Indeed, at a time we should be anticipating His Return, the peoples and leaders of the once great Christian nations are too preoccupied with the gods of money, materialism, sports, pleasures and power.

Writers have pointed out that Jesus spoke of the day and hour but He did not preclude the month or year. Yet, at the time of the Ascension, Jesus said, “It is not for you to know the times or the seasons.” Yet, the Apostle Paul pointed out there was no need to write about the times and seasons, inferring they should be fully understood. So there is a bit of a quandary here. Still, Paul also made one other statement in his wrap-up of 1 Thessalonians (5:20) “never distain prophetic revelations” and the Bible is full of prophecies about latter day events. These too are invariably ignored by the majority of today’s theologians, despite some great Bible scholars of the past and present suggesting that over half the Bible is prophetic, much describing past events as also dual fulfillments for then future events.

One of the clearest prophecies is that of Hosea 6:1-2. But, let’s first go back to Chapter 5 where God passes judgment on the House of Israel (now the latter day Celtic, Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon peoples) and the House of David (now the Throne of England) for dealing so treacherously and being so disobedient toward God. He includes the House of Judah in the judgment as well and of course, we know that these people are spread throughout parts of Western Europe, but basically mixed with the House of Israel tribes; with a very small portion mixed with modern Jewry. God ends this chapter, and I paraphrase, “Look, I am going home until you understand how you have been acting and are feeling the pain. And in your stress, sincerely search for me.” Well, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, we are totally disobedient today and the pain is becoming more severe as each month goes by. Economies are crumbling, freedom is being eroded, morals are in the basement and our Saviour is being ridiculed daily.

“After two days will he revive us, in the third day he will raise us up and we shall live in his sight.”

Yet, the day is soon coming when we will realize what we have done and as Hosea 6:1 states, we Christian nation people will be saying, “Let us return to the Lord, he will heal us.” It is important to note that Chapter 6:2 establishes the timing, “After two days will he revive us, in the third day he will raise us up and we shall live in his sight.” 2 Peter 3:8 tells us that a day to the Lord is a thousand years so we can interpret this as “after 2,000 years” and “in the third 1,000 year period”. Now, the third day should be clear enough, it represents the Millennial Kingdom where we shall live in the presence of Jesus Christ. The two days is less clear, some scholars suggest it started at the birth of Christ and some suggest from the Resurrection. The only thing that is clear is that sometime in the near future, whether the next year or some twenty years down the road, the pain will be so severe we will collectively go to our knees and ask our Lord Jesus Christ to intervene.

Still, the “after two days” should be examined a little bit further. In John 11, which outlines the glory of the Resurrection, Jesus doesn’t begin His return until after the two days (Verses 5-6). Also, John 4:43 demonstrates that it was after two days that Jesus returned to Galilee where He performed his second great miracle in giving life to the Official’s son.

But, there is still a mystery of when the two days begin and the length of time the “after two days” represents. For that, I suppose we shall just have to wait and see. Still, there is an intriguing correlation with the “six days shall you labour and one day shall you rest” as it is applied to the fall of Adam, that is, 6,000 years of work and 1,000 years of rest (the Millennium).” Using the chronology developed by the great scholar Bishop Ussher, the two days from Christ’s Birth (4 BC) and the end of the six days from Adam’s fall (4004 BC), we arrive at 1997 AD. Remember, going from BC to AD necessitates adding “1” because the cross over year goes from 1 BC to 1 AD rather than 1 BC to 0 and 0 to 1 AD. So, 2012 could well mean that we are 15 years into both the third and sixth day (1997 + 15).

Is this of significance? Who really knows? We do know that according to evangelist Ed Vallowe in his book “Biblical Mathematics” the number “15” is associated with “Rest”, so will 2012 bring rest? Yet, we must also ask ourselves, if there any place in the Bible that could throw any light on the presumption of adding 15 to 1997? Can the “after 2 days” and “after 6 days” represent “15” years? I think there is at least one place, it can be found in 2 Kings 20. King Hezekiah was sick unto death; was told to set his house in order; for he would die. The King prayed to the Lord; the Lord answered by saying he would be healed, that on the third day he would go up unto the house of the LORD, and 15 years would be added to Hezekiah’s life. It is important to understand that even though Hezekiah was a God-fearing man, the people were blasphemous, revolting, etc., you might say “wicked.”

Let’s see if the story of Hezekiah’s health and recovery could be a possible dual fulfillment for events today.

Hezekiah“I beseech thee, O LORD, remember now how I have walked before thee in truth ……” Hezekiah 2 Kings 20:3

First, consider that Israel was selected to be a servant nation, a blessing to all the nations of the world. Israel was also to be the battle axe and weapons of war for God. So Israel (True Israel today) was prophesied to be a mighty servant of the Lord God Almighty. Could Hezekiah be symbolic of True Israel? In my view, anyway, it is no coincidence that the name ‘Hezekiak” means “the mighty of Jehovah.”

Earlier I mentioned that the once great western peoples are under the influence of the gods of money, materialism, sports and pleasures. And so concerned with their own welfare, they are unaware or just ignoring the evil forces around them that are depriving them of their wealth, their freedom and their Christian faith. You might say the western nations are sick, as Hezekiah was, and carrying on as they are, the western nations will surely pass away under the yoke of enemies. Economic collapse may be the trigger for disaster and when you look at Europe and America today, the signs are very negative for recovery.

If such a calamity strikes and it affects all the nations’ people simultaneously, then perhaps Hosea’s prophecy will come to pass and we will go to our knees seeking healing from God. Remember, He made a promise at Hosea 5:15 that he will answer our prayers. Also, don’t forget 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

The third day I think is the Millennium Kingdom.

“it is no coincidence that the name ‘Hezekiak” means “the mighty of Jehovah.”

It’s a nice neat little package, eh! But, is it? This is just one interpretation but we should remember that both the noted Bible scholar Dimbleby and Great Pyramid (The Bible in Stone) scholar, David Davidson, both place the end of the 6 days or 6,000 years at the autumn equinox of 2001 AD and noted scholar Howard Rand places it at 2005 AD. Then, there are very sound studies that demonstrate 2 BC as the birth year of the Lord Jesus Christ.

So, I suppose we are just as confused as ever, which only goes to show that while we can recognize the seasons, we cannot pinpoint the year! Nevertheless, He is coming and that event is not too far away. So, time is short to reach out to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom and news of the Israel Truth to our brethren around the world. God expects nothing less of us. There is much material in our past issues of magazines and on our website you can freely make use of in your personal ministries. Remember, if you are reading our material, you have very likely received a huge gift from God, the lifting of blindness as to your identity, and therefore should be guided by His Words in Luke 12:48, “….For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required …”