Egyptian bondage to the Promised LandFrom Egyptian bondage to the Promised Land to Assyrian captivity to Western Europe and beyond

Sharon Turner, one of our leading Anglo-Saxon historians, traced the ancestry of our race, without realizing the importance of his discovery, to B.C. 600 or the seventh century B.C., in the region of the river Araxes which lies just north of Assyria. The river rises not far from the Black Sea, and flows eastward into the Caspian Sea. He quotes from the early Greek historians who referred to our Anglo-Saxon ancestors as the Scythians in most of their writings, a Greek word meaning Wanderers.

Sharon Turner says: “The Anglo-Saxons, Lowland Scotch, Normans… have all sprung from that great fountain of the human race, which we have distinguished by the terms Scythia and Gothic. The first appearance of the Scythian tribes in Europe may be placed in the seventh century before the Christian era. They possessed a narrow region on the river Araxes; but by degrees they extended their boundaries on all sides . . crossed the Araxes, passed out of Asia and suddenly appeared in Europe.”

These discoveries of Sharon Rimer unwittingly give the exact region and time where ten-tribed Israel was located, as they escaped from their Assyrian captivity northwards, after the fall of the Assyrian empire. Therefore, they must have been the House of Israel!

Professor Rawlinson, the distinguished archaeologist, also confirms these facts, saying that the Anglo-Saxons can be traced to these regions as far back, he suggests, as 684 B.C.