Last month’s editorial dealt with fractional reserve banking, Pastor Barley referred to it as a Ponzi scheme, and discussed the debt death coming upon America. He pointed out that inflation, recessions, depressions and assorted monetary crises, including war, are not accidental phenomena. And he brought all his points together very nicely and concluded by asking the question, “JESUS DID WHAT WAS CHRISTIAN DIDN’T HE?” This month, let’s examine Pastor Barley’s analysis of this question from a Biblical standpoint.

2011-11-barleyMost Christians are familiar with the story of Jesus making a whip and throwing the money changers out of the temple. But why were the money changers in the temple, and why were they allowed to be there? Because, they had a symbiotic relationship that was mutually rewarding for both of them and the religious leaders! This vile relationship has changed little over thousands of years. I do not have time to fully discuss this, but these people are occultists who seek to make the masses of people more dependent than independent. This is the hidden objective and dialectic of all the three main systems of Mystery Babylon (political, economic, and religious).

Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple. They love to be in the temple, or in control of the temple, which in turn often controls the hearts and minds of the people through a twisted religious form of dialectic. Most interesting is that it would appear Jesus threw the money changers out twice during His three and a half year ministry. The first occurred early in the book, John 2:13-17, and the second event was recorded in Matthew 21:12-16, Luke 19:45, and Mark 11:17, as later events. The very day Jesus cursed the fig tree, He also cast the money changers out of the temple (Mark 11:15-18). In verse 18, following Jesus throwing out the money changers, we read: “And the scribes and chief priests heard it, and sought how they might destroy him: for they feared him, because all the people was astonished at his doctrine.”

The money changers and their harlot temples will be brought down, and the LIGHT OF THE NEW JERUSALEM will emerge.

The chief priests and their money changers rejected the peoples’ desire for Jesus to be the Messiah on Palm Sunday (Nisan 9), and instead chose Him to be a Passover Lamb for slaughter on (Nisan 10). He, of course, was not crucified until the following Friday (Nisan 14). This is a very important point for Christians to understand, which is, there are “corrupt priests” who are in bed with the money changers and this unholy alliance is still going on today, and even more so. Driving the money changers out of the temple was not to be a once or twice event. It is something that Christians must guard against perpetually, thus today; the problem has been greatly exasperated.

Certainly the churches and their councils should be the number one suspect concerning this treason, but we must look even further. The Scriptures warn us in 1 Timothy 6:10, “For the love of money is the root of all evil:”

Therefore we should follow the money trail and there is no better place to start, than within these and other often ignored religious institutes such as the walls of Congress, the White House, the Judicial courts, and yes, even many of the religious institutes of “worship,” who are legally attached to these high places of government. Where do we find the Federal Reserve money changers and their Central bank? Right in the middle of Washington D. C. where they practice their religion and feed their religious desires that goes beyond mere greed.

Yes, Washington D.C., is an independent religious municipality that is filled with assorted religious bureaucratic corporate temples that are deeply connected with the money changers. And make no mistake about it, dear friends, these are temples of “faith.” A faith that is based upon the “love of money!”

Again, these government temples are located together in Washington D.C. Now certainly, other such temples of Babylon are located throughout the world, but presently, their headquarters remains in and among the government temples of Washington D.C., where they launder their dirty money.

These money changers are very much aware of the fact that Jesus made a whip and drove their ancestors out of the temple. Need I remind you that they are the antichrists, an occultic red-Edomite brotherhood, and there are many of them as the Bible warns, and they are at war with the Body of Christ, and they want to pervert and mix every semblance of Christianity. Where you can see perversion and mixing of the doctrines of Babylon with the Christian faith, the trail of the money changers will be clearly seen.

Time does not allow me to cover this most serious subject in sufficient detail in this article, but there is another saying, “all roads lead to Rome.” The higher one looks among the powerful institutes of man, the more corruption there is to be found. This is what the “head of gold” does; it corrupts what it mingles with. All the beast systems of the Bible are “kingdoms of clay.” What the money changers do not realize or understand, is that there is a “STONE KINGDOM,” a ROCK cut out of the MOUNTAIN OF GOD that shall demolish the false images of the antichrists. Their false religious institutes shall fall, and the Truth that shall set the people free will be declared, A GLORIOUS DAY OF JUBILEE.

This will be no ordinary JUBILEE, but a freedom that abolishes the power of the antichrist bankers and sets the captives free. The money changers and their harlot temples will be brought down, and the LIGHT OF THE NEW JERUSALEM will emerge.

Editor: As I read the penultimate paragraph of Pastor Barley’s article, I cannot help but reflect on the first six verses of James Chapter 5 when the Apostle prophesies the eventual outcome of the unscrupulous rich. I particularly like the Knox version of verse 5, “You have feasted here on earth, you have comforted your hearts with luxuries on this day that dooms you to slaughter.” Everything that is happening in the world today is proof that, as Pastor Barley declares, the “GLORIOUS DAY OF JUBILEE” may not be far off.